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    This is the type of shot we're striving for in my dept for 'Malamalama', the official publication for the University of Hawaii. It comes out three times a year, its our main product. Unlike most University Alumni rags, we don't load the issue with pleas for donations. The idea is to produce a premium publication with interesting stories that pertain to the University, its students, faculty and alumni.

    I am very proud of this shot as both assignment photography and the use of multiple strobe lighting is new to me. Its been quite a stretch this past month but I am learning fast.

    The shot was staged on campus at a gold leafed Thai pagoda donated by the King of Thailand. The subjects are herbal spiritualists associated with the U and we're doing a story on them for the next issue.

    I used two strobes on this shot. Main SB 800 in an umbrella image right, second 800 behind subjects aimed up to illuminate the ornate guilded interior roof. I shot in manual cam & strobe mode adjusting power as required.

    The top image is straight from the camera as shot. The bottom is a CS mod I did to bring back some detail in the top of the pagoda that the strobes missed. I like both versions actually.

    Tech stuff: Fuji S3 / two SB 800s / 30" Umbrella / Manual strobe & camera modes

  2. I knew it wouldn't take you long, Mike :).

    How did you trigger the strobes?
  3. Well done Mike and congrats on getting up to speed so quickly.
  4. Very nice approach to highlight the Pagoda. Something I learnt today.

    Many thanks.
  5. BigPixel

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    Thanks Guys, much appreciated.

    Frank we used Pocket Wizards.
  6. Steve S

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Terrific shot Mike, and very creative use of the strobes! You're a natural!
  7. BigPixel

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    Thanks Steve, everything I "know" I learned here from guys like you, Frank, Gordon and others. It is very gratifying beginning to sculpt with light. My work is better, way more professional looking. I now feel nekkid without a strobe or two.
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