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A tribute to Scott

Discussion in 'People' started by mike mac, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Posted this in the PJ section but thought this was more about people than sports

    Was a very difficult swim meet Saturday, on Friday morning while driving home from practice one of our senior swimmers was killed in an automobile accident at the tender age of 18. Needless to say the team and parents were in shock and disbelief as the news made its way back to the pool. This is a small club and a very tight knit group of kids and parents so this news was just devastating to everyone. At the Spaghetti dinner on Friday all gathered and the kids kind of formed there own little groups to sit and try to deal with the loss. We had grief counselors there, but the kids leaned one each other and was really quite a remarkable sight seeing how some kids stepped up as the leaders and took turns comforting each other and the young kids. It was discussed and everyone voted and opted to continue with the meet for Saturday morning. It was an emotional weekend for sure with a whole gamut of emotions running through the event.
    If you notice in the shots the kids wore Scott's initials on there arms, the other set of initials are for a teammate they loss two years ago when a bright athletic 14 year old for some unknown reason took his own life. This team has had more that its share of tragedies but has coped with and overcome them every time. They don't realize it now but how they have acted now will help shape their lives for years to come.

    Well this is to Scott he was a great kid and will be missed much but remembered even more.

    This is one of Scott's best friends, it was a tough day for him to compete but he toughed it out
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    Another of Scott's friends, as valiant as an effort there four man relay couldn't make up the loss of Scott both physically and emotionally

    View attachment 12125

    Another senior boy who swam over his head fueled by adrenaline and emotion, it is a shame when 18 year old boys have to sit and come to grips with their mortality
    View attachment 12126

    Determination was on all of the swimmers faces throughout the meet
    View attachment 12127

    The girls were more emotional or at least let there emotions show more through the meet but still gave it their all in every race with almost every race ending in tears

    View attachment 12128
    View attachment 12129
    View attachment 12130

    Then there were the young kids who all looked up to Scott and he was always there for them he was such a leader and always had time for the wee ones when others didn't. The little ones battled every bit as hard and I think some of the older swimmers found comfort in their innocence and smiles
    View attachment 12131
    View attachment 12132
  2. Hi Mike,

    It's such a tragedy to lose a kid like Scott, particularly when he is seen as a role model by his peers, and younger team mates. It must have been a very tough meet for every one: these pics and the kids determination are a great tribute to Scott.

    I heard a very sad statistic the other day: car accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers, greater than sickness, drugs or anything else...
  3. What a nice tribute, Mike! It's a shame when a young life ends so tragically. You really have to admire the team's bravery to go out there and try to compete.
  4. MariaVoniati

    MariaVoniati Guest

    Hi Mike,

    great tribute.
    it's very sad to hear a story like that. Well done to the team for their thought to make a sigh on their hands.

  5. Mike I love these shots!! Keep posting more of these!! :D  :D  :D 
  6. It was a very difficult time for everyone there but in the long run what they did and how they handled the situation will make them strong for the future. Thanks for looking and listening
  7. Kevin thanks they were quite the troopers they all grew up a little bit that day
  8. Maria
    Hi there thanls for lookign and commenting, it truley was a sad story the kids pulled together as a team and leaned on each other and grew stronger because of it
  9. Maria
    Hi there thanls for lookign and commenting, it truley was a sad story the kids pulled together as a team and leaned on each other and grew stronger because of it
  10. Thanks Bryan I have the championships in two weeks it is a all day meet
  11. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    What can I say? Please know that we all feel your teams' loss. These pictures and your story brought a tear to my eyes. They will move on and remember the good times and accomplishments that this young man had made. You have a great team there.

  12. huskey8


    Feb 22, 2005
    Hi Mike

    I love that they voted to continue the meet it says a lot about them I'm sure that was the best thing to do. What a great job you did capturing the moment.
  13. Sad story but uplifting at the same time. Your images and the efforts of the team were inspirational.
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