A Twilight Zone moment

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  1. I taught for 8 years at one particular school. Then I took a job as an Assistant Principal at another. Last weekend, the two schools met for a football game. I got to see all my old friends and many former students. But it was a really weird experience sitting the stands on the other side of the field and wearing different colors. To make matters even weirder, I loaned my D300/70-200 to one of my teachers (a Canon shooter) to get some shots of the game. So I sat there, on the "wrong" side of the field, watching someone else use my gear, and rooting against the team that I spent the last eight years rooting for. It was almost too much to get my mind around.

    As for the teacher shooting with my setup: She didn't do too badly...

  2. Yep......That's bizzare...If you see a black & white version of Rod Serling on the sidelines havin a smoke you're in trouble. I imagine loyalties get pretty messed up for pro athletes that get traded a lot. Remember do not adjust your set we are controlling transmission...OOPs! that was the Outer Limits..Never mind........


  3. I bet that was pretty strange. The Canon shooter did well with your gear.
  4. That's the reason my wife wouldn't agree to buy a house in a nearby school district even though it was a good deal.
  5. Man I feel for the guy in the shot. I was kicker, punt returne man, and tight end at a buck 35:eek:. Got my butt beat so bad one night on the line all I could do was go shake the guys hand after the game. He is a good man to this day.