AAAH! My D70! My Child!


May 1, 2005
Minnesota (formerly Florida)
sorry, had to do that.
Today, the unthinkable...the unimaginable....the most horrific event of my photographic life.....
I dropped my D70.
i've pampered the poor thing, we've been through a lot of rough times together....

And many more to come :cool:

To make a long story short, At school, brought my gear with me today (yeah, stupid to trust a school with $4k in stuff, but my teacher has an equal amount in his camera gear right next to it) , near the end of class I was packing up my huge tamrac cyberpack 8, a bit too close to the edge of the table. D70 i stupidly put too close to the edge. Someone said something that startled me when I was about to reach for it, I bumped the bag, which spun, knocked the d70 clear off the end of the table and crashing to the floor with a sickening, unimaginable crunch.
I nearly passed out. The poor camera, the worst thing it ever saw before was a bunch of rain, but I was sure i'd killed it.
Millions of possibilities blazed through my mind in an instant.... ERR messages....BGLOD...AF failure...LCD busted... broken VF... wacky metering... not recording images...
As I picked up my poor camera....I noticed a few things.
1: the LCD protector was still on
2: the battery door was still closed
3: the camera status lcd was working
4: the popup flash was weird......
As I examined it closer....
5: the mirror was intact
6: the LCD was fine
7: the buttons and dials all worked
8: VF was ok
9: popup flash appeared to be stuck......
10: popup flash is stuck....why don't I help it open
11: OK, its open, now close it
12: ok its it again
13: I said open.....
14: Ah, open again...Close....
15: uh oh.....wasn't there a latch there earlier?
OK, so I broke my popup flash. Thank god for the sb600.....wait can it still SHOOT?
so, I grabbed my 70-200 VR (thankfully no lenses were attached, or it would have been tough to get the camera mount off the giant pro lens, and try and glue it back onto the body), mounted it on the undamaged bayonet, and turned it on.
Metering works....ok
AF? OK its focusing...sluggish?! no just the light... there thats focusing better! ....VR? just fine.
WHTCHHT. yay! it still takes pictures!

So, I lucked out... D70 seems to have only a slightly busted popup flash that wont pop-down. Oh, what teacher? Commander mode? lets find out.....tsssstsststst WHTCHHT BEEP BEEP.....BEEEEEEP!
My popup still works, thank the lord of Nikon!
So, two small pieces of black duct tape later, I have a just about fully functional D70.
Nikon had SOOOOOO better announce the D200 soon :) My D70 is ready for backup duty after that I think.
When I get a new camera for a main body i'll take it somewhere for the repair. I can't spare it before that.
On a lighter note, I arrived home from school to find my Bogen 679B monopod had arrived from BH Photo. It is absolutely perfect.
Just like my slightly scarred but TOUGH D70 :biggrin:
Thanks for reading!


I feel so empathetic when hearing of people's "accidents" like yours.

I try to be careful, and luck has been with me, yet I just know that someday it might happen to me too.......brrrrrrrrrr!

Seems that you came out relatively unscathed!


Apr 30, 2005
sf bay area
hi harrison-

sounds like you escaped a big repair bill. make sure to test the focusing accuracy as it might have been affected by the drop. there's a website (whose URL i can't remember) with a downloadable chart and instructions on how to test your camera (a by-product of all the canon 10D backfocusing problems).

Jul 29, 2005
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Just a reminder. Pros buy professional camera insurance. Non-pros can add rider to your homeowner policy to cover camera equipment, including accidents. I have $6500 covered for about $35 per year.

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