Aaron York - Canoe Builder

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    Abenaki, Aaron York from Vermont works a cedar rib for a birch bark canoe at Schemitzun 2008. Aaron is a master builder of bark canoes. Schemitzen, the Mashantucket-Pequot Green Corn Festival and Dance is held each August in Mashantucket, CT and features American Indian Craftsmen demonstrating their skills.


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    A very nice composition :)
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    Nice shot! I was at Schemitzun on Sunday. It's a photo-rich event for sure
  4. Do you have a picture of a completed canoe? Are they for sale?
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    Norm - No, I do not have a photo of the finished canoe. Bark canoes go for about 1000 USD per foot and are usually commissioned. You may contact Aaron and inquire: [email protected]

    Bob - I have attended all but two of these events, including the first at Hartford Civic Centre. This year they added a notice in their program that photos of tribal members required permission and signed releases prior to publication - unless you bought the program you would not know this - although a verbal request for permission has always been considered proper in Indian Country. Next year there will be a new format, hard to know what that will do to this fine program.
  6. Fascinating and very well composed. Makes me wish to see more.