AAYBA World Series in Flower Mound, Texas

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  1. Some great action. However,.....

    Please do not feed NAS in this forum.:wink: D3 and 400/2.8?

    I just would like to be able to afford a 300/2.8, and then to be shown what a D3/400 combo is like. Arrgghh.

    The volleyball shots with the D3/70-200 combo were also very interesting (and good).
  2. 400 & D3

    I had a poster tell me that the pics were not as sharp on the web.
    The pics are only between 100k & 200k and set to to medium for space saving, so the web really is not doing justice for the 400vr.
    I went a head and posted a few pics that are orig and untouched so one can see how sharp the 400vr really is.
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  3. i have been lusting after the 400/2.8
    but.... there is NO way i'll spend that much on 1 lens....
    folks can see my signature line
    but.... no way to justify it

    if only
  4. I understand your reasoning, but I work for several photography companies that hire me because of the lens and pay me well for doing so. Thats not to mention that I do sports posters for a business buddy of mine at www.jtactionphotos.com while shooting HS sports in the DFW area.