About 105 F2...

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  1. Used today as a middle telephoto to shoot young rugby players... my nephew included. Unfortunately I have a very slow upload connection and lots of pictures to show you.. anyway, check this link now and then... A few pictures are already online


    All the best.
  2. Just an update... (several pics)

    Even if I like portraits, I'm not at all an expert as Uncle Frank, just to mention one, but I like how 105 F2 behaves, especially on women... Some shots with / without DC are here, almost all at full aperture or stopped at F2.8 (due too much light)

    A friend

    Closer, without DC

    My wife's cousin, WITH DC

    My wife, without DC, in one of her rare "smiling" shots :biggrin:

    Others will follow soon.. unfortunately my upload connection is quite slow.. Even if they aren't models, I hope you will enjoy subjects :Wink:
  3. As promised..

    Here are two shots of my sister in law. Sharp, but the next two ones will show the DC working.. promised! :Wink:

    One.. (candid like a paparazzo :biggrin: )

    ..and two, probably one of the most interesting portraits I've ever made..

    Others will follow soon
  4. Here I am...

    My sister in law, DC on (R 5.6)


    Our friend, DC ON (idem)
  5. Other two shots

    about my mother in law..


  6. PS
    well, folks I hope it's useful for you, as for me, it's really bedtime here! All the best
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