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About news..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hi again

    while looking at the news I was wondering how much time they show you the rest of the world and in which way..
    A typical news format here, 30 minutes, talks almost half the time
    (10-15 minutes) of international politics (USA, Germany, UK, France, etc.) and what happened (how many died during the day) in Iraq due to bomb attempts, alternatively to internal politics,
    then another third (10 minutes) of the time goes for chronicle and the last part (5-10 minutes, but not always) goes for strange or funny news, or the meteo (forecasts, weather report)

    So that we assume to know more on what happens out of home rather than at home!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Depends on which channel you are watching News Networks like CNN and Fox shown a good amount of coverage of newsworthy events around the world.

    My local TV station at 10:00 might cover about 5 to 10 minutes for their 1 hour news if something newsworthy happened.

    I love to watch “Around the World in 80 Seconds” with Shepard Smith @Fox News to get a good summary.

  3. Varies from market to market (read: city to city) and newscast to newscast.

    Here in Chicago, the evening news has three varieties:

    30 minutes local news (NBC, CBS, ABC)
    1 hour local news (WGN)
    1.5 hours local news (FOX)

    The 30 minute varieties are sort of similar to your format.

    The one hour version is broken down like this:

    8 minutes local 'hot issues' (demonstrations, new taxes, big accidents, etc.)
    8 minutes world/washington
    8 minutes weather (no, seriously!)
    8 minutes health / citizens complaining about taxes / "around town" reports (usually two 4 minute segments)
    8 minutes sports
    4 minutes other/funny
    1 minute weather summary
    15 minutes commercials (interspersed)

    Local hot issues can be shortened to 4 minutes and 4 minutes given to world/washington if something big is going on. Similarly, if there is a humongous local story going on (say, a plane crash), just about everything can get smashed down to 2 minute segments except for the big story.

    The 1.5 hour version is essentially the one hour show, plus:

    12 more minutes of health / citizens complaining about taxes / "around town"
    5 more minutes of sports
    4 minutes other/funny
    1 minute weather recap (AGAIN)
    8 minutes commercials (interspersed)

    Note that fox local is not at all the same thing as fox news. Very different stations!
  4. Oh,
    do you really have commercials DURING the news? That sounds news to me. Fortunately news are still "free" of boring ad's. Here we have only 30 minutes format news and despite the different politics imprintings, more or less news are all equal and you have to look at a pair of them to get a wider and more realistic sense of what's happening, because of course the same fact can be differently interpreted. We have a newsreport that is even "too" brazenly pro our ex premier Silvio Berlusconi while others are more "independent". Actually, we have seven major tv channels, three public (RAI1, RAI2 and RAI3), three owned by that man I told you (Rete4, Canale5 e Italia 1), plus another one (La7) out of big plays but enough strong to survive. Then, of course, there are a lot of minor channels but none of them is really important and live only thanks to soccer (our most followed sport, about 90-95% is interested in it), commercials and night adult spots.
  5. Back in 1994-1997, When I spent some time at Switzerland I used to love the EuroNews channel. They had a silent news with images, that was my favorite.

    We used to catchup RaiUno occasionally. Italian channels used to carry some good Hollywood movies...
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