Abstracts #2

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Gilles, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Today i went to my sister house to take some more abstracts off her fountain, but there were none. I look in the water next to it, and voila what I found...




  2. Whoa! These are really cool images. I can see figures and stuff. Feels like a Rorschach test or something. :D
  3. The last one looks funky to me. I don't really see what you are focusing on. I do like the second one though. It is cool how it outlines the leaf.
  4. Confused if you look closely that look like a picture of a woman of the 20's, the head is cut you can see her hair, an earing, a nice flower on the left and a kind of design in front of the dress.
  5. Very nice Gilles. As you mentioned in a previous post elsewhere (and I agree), if you look hard enough, you can always find abstract form from very mondaine subjects.

    #2 and #3 looks like ghost, or some Pokemon character. #4 looks like someone's behind... or a bunny :wink:

  6. Jonathan I agree with you. As for photo #1 I see at the bottom in the middle Casper the friendly ghost; in #2 an old man with a tuque on his head and the #3 a look alike of the Cry from Edvard Munch.
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