ACR 3.1 & Adobe Photoshop Elements 3

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by ianm, May 9, 2005.

  1. I've installed this plugin on both my Apple & Windows laptops but when firing up Elements 3.0 and opening a D2X or D2H raw file I get the old Nikon NEF plugin instead. Any ideas ?

  2. JackDaynes

    JackDaynes Guest

    As far as I know, ACR does not yet support the D2X RAW format, due to encrypted White Balance. There has been MUCH discussion around this topic.
  3. Jack, ACR 3.1 does support the D2X RAW file format - it's a recent update from Adobe. What's happening in my case is that the old NEF plugin is being called first.

  4. JackDaynes

    JackDaynes Guest

  5. Yes that's what I did as detailed in the download instructions.
  6. Ok, sussed it. Had to remove the Nikon NEF plugin from Plugins/Editor Only/File Formats. Now when opening a D2X raw image ACR 3.1 is fired up. It's not simply enough to copy the ACR 3.1 to the plugins/file formats directory.
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