Adapting Zeiss lenses to D300

Jul 10, 2005
Marengo, Illinois
I have a Contax 645 with some amazing "T" zeiss lenses
Does anyone know if a adapter is made that will allow these to be
used on my D300 and upcoming D3X ?
Jan 17, 2006
East TN
if anyone knows it would be Paul Lindquist (I think I got that last name right, lol)

See Paul in Lens Lust
Sep 5, 2007
Nova Scotia Canada
Can't be done. the Aperture control, sadly, on Contax 645 lenses is electronically controlled by the camera. There is no aperture ring. A lot of people wish this wasn;t so, believe me.

That said, any Mamiya, Hasselblad (F or C) or Pentax 645 lens WITH an aperture ring can be used.

edit - if you want at a Zeiss fix outside of the ZF line, Hasselblad's F/FE and C/CF/CFi lenses are Zeiss lenses (see Zeiss or Hasselblad home pages for datasheets). The C__ series of lenses for the V-mount bodies (shutter in lens) can be used via an adapter - simply cock the shutter and put in F mode. I use/used the Hassy 110/2 F, Mamiya 200/2.8 APO and Mamiya 150/3.5N on a 1Ds2 with amazing results.
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