Adobe ACR 3.2 is announced on Adobe website

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Sep 22, 2005.

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  2. I am wondering if anyone is now or will with this upgrade convert thier NEF images into Adobe DNG (digital negatives). If so, what advantages do you see or what will it do to make your workflow or images better or anything for that matter. I must admit, I still don't see an advantage to DNG. I find it to be a bit confusing actually.
  3. sticking with NEF

    I'll stick with NEF. I usually don't use ACR. I prefer to do my initial processing in NC4. That said, I have discovered a really usefull feature of ACR that makes it the go to software for really long exposure shots. It has a fantastic algorithm for cleaning up the few hot pixels and many dark pixels that result from the dark current in my D100's sensor, and the, somewhat cludgy in my opinion, in camera long exposure NR algorithm. Other than with long exposures however, I'm a NC4 guy. There's something comforting in keeping the data in as raw a format as possible. I don't really know anything specific about the DNG standard, but I'm assuming that there is at least some conversion necessary. I like things the way they came out of my camera, then I can start with the cleanest slate. I don't really care too much about portability. I'll always be shooting Nikon, I'm fairly certain, they'll always have some form of support for NEF.

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    Feb 2, 2005
    On the Adobe Forum, Thomas Knoll wrote:
  5. There is a growing movement to standardize the RAW format and DNG appears to be Adobe's hat-in-the-ring on that front. Personally, I think a standard format (a format that will always be supported) is a good idea. It's just not one I'm going to get excited about.

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  7. Yep .... :smile: Works just fine but you need to clear the cache in bridge in order the NEF files show as thumbnails (after install).....Tools>>>cache>>>purge central cache
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    Feb 7, 2005
    YES! I do - one main reason - lossless compression. I can compress my DCR files (uncompressed), and I can also take an uncompressed NEF and convert it to DNG without losing information via Nikon's "Virtually Lossless" compression.

    It gets pretty good compression rations - usually around half the original file size.

    EDIT: Well, it also ensures future compatibility. The only downside is that Nikon Capture won't read a DNG - duh... But I rarely use capture anymore so it's no biggie to me.
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