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Adobe Bridge has an update with more speed and fixes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. go to Adobe.com and click on upgrades and pick Bridge for your platform and download.
  2. Scott, I tried the original version on the disk and found it confusing. Is it worth going into? What type Photoshop work would it lend itself to? I used to use the old browser a lot.

    Thanks, Rich
  3. Hi Rich,

    I would say yes, it's definitely worth going into. Bridge can be run as a standalone application, and from there integrates beautifully with ACR and CS2. In particular, you can view and rank NEFs in Bridge, then open them in ACR, convert to PSD, then open any in CS2 that require further tweaking.

    Yes, there is a learning curve for all the new viewing features in Bridge, but it's well worth the time and trouble, IMHO. Fast and powerful.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Rich

    I agree with you that it takes a little getting used to.

    It is quite a bit better than the old browser, especially if you use ACR. I will likely miss some things but Bridge has these advantages over the CS1 browser:

    o it runs as a separate application - so you can view it on a separate monitor, for example.

    o you can run ACR from Bridge without having to open photoshop.

    o Bridge has a more sophisticated ranking system.

    o it has a slideshow feature.

    However, if you are just using it as a browser, compared to some other browsers, it is not as fast, does not have a "view at 100%" feature...

    I believe Russel Brown has a quick time video on how to use Bridge. Also, I highly recommend Bruce Fraser's ACR2 book.

  5. Hi Rory,

    I couldn't agree more about the lack of 100% view. That is the one missing feature of the new Bridge that I greatly lament.

    Hopefully this will be addressed in a future upgrade.

    Best wishes,

  6. I use Bridge, ACR and Photoshop exclusively for photo editing. I have Nikon Capture but have completely removed it from my workflow. for me Adobe has given us an excellent, very powerfull full featured photo editing package from viewing/cataloging to editing to posting on the web or printing. I have not found a need for NC and will not upgrade to the next version after having spent $300 on version 1, then a hundred dollars or so per version up to version 4.

    I give Bridge a thumbs up.
  7. To make your lifes easier, just pick the "auto-update" proccedure... then you no longer have to look for updates yourself...

    Just a few hours ago my CS2 console did it by itself...

  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I did the up-date and it runs MUCH faster......

    Took some time to get used to. I don't use all the bells and whistles, mostly for a browser.

    Open originals in NC and process there. But a few do better in ACR..

    So theres my story :>)))))
  9. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Bridge makes ACR batch friendly. It allows you to work with images like Nikon's Multi-view thing, but like 100x faster.

    I too, have completely eliminated Nikon Capture from my workflow, and my workflow is not only much more efficient, but it's much faster. NC is a great program, but man, is it sloooooooowwww!
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