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Adobe Camera Raw

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by gbenic, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Is the Raw conversion plugin the same in Elements as it is in PS? Does Elements "grab" the correct white balance from my D70?

    I keep playing with the NC trial and it is just way too slow. Yes, I have the latest and greatest update. I downloaded the Elements trial and it is much faster.

  2. From all the testing that I have done so far, the white balance is not read from the D70. Nikon View does this well and it is free.

    I did a search on the raw plugin and although I didn't see it addressed, reading between the lines says that it is the same.

    I will be forced to use NV and PSP9 until I upgrade my PC next year. At that time I will spring for NC.
  3. johnczyz

    johnczyz Guest

    Adobe Element will be faster than Nikon Capture or View


    Adobe software has always been faster than Nikon.

    Yes, Elements will open D70 RAW files with the RAW version 2.4. Dont get the the RAW 3.1 as this is for Adobe CS veriosn 2.0 to read the D2X files.

  4. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Actually the WB issue only applies to the D2X (and possible the D50s).
  5. jgrove


    Apr 13, 2005
    And the D2hs!
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. twig


    May 23, 2005
    You might want to define "correct" are you using pre set white balances on your D70 for settings, or just using Auto?

    Really, there is no reason that "Auto" in camera on the D70 is any more or less accurate than using the dropper on a neutral section of your photo to calculate WB in Adobe apps.

    This is a separate topic from the issue of WB encryptions of the d2hs and d2x, by the way, I just wanted to mention.
  8. By correct I mean that if I choose Direct Sunlight, Nikon View interprets it one way (which I assume is correct) and Adobe PSE has a different color temerature and look. I experience the same thing in Raw Shooter Essentials and Paint Shop Pro 9. In PSP9 I need to change the "as shot" WB to Sunny. In RSE, I need to fiddle way to much and can never get it as good as NV. I was under the impression that with the new firmware the D70 encrypts the WB and only NV and NC can read the camera settings.

    My question regarding PSE and PS RAW was because if PSE does it "incorrectly" what does Photo Shop do?

  9. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Why is that correct?
    Is direct sunlight in Georgia the same as in NY (with my hazy polluted skies) or in Japan?

    Is the kelvin temperature for Sunlight the D70 has programmed into it;s memory the proper actual light temperature?

    I would get into the habit of always checking your WB in photos. With my D70 in my processor I would always compare the as shot WB to the same image with a dropper set WB, and about 90% of the time take the dropper version, you would be amazed.

    Anyway, all I am saying is that if you use a pre-set WB, that is one thing, then your camera is measuring the actual scene. But if you are choosing those options, they are only approximations anyway, so there is no reason to religiously stick to them.

    Nikon Capture may read this approximation from the camera more accurately than Adobe, but that doesn't mean Nikon Capture actually understood that Greg was in Illinois, under moderate sunlight wiuth a bright blue sky.

    When you shoot in JPEG, the camera makes all these guesses about the situation and incorporates them into the image, things like exposure, WB, etc. one of the benefits of shooting RAW is that you can correct either your errors (like if you screw up exposure you have more lattitude to fix in RAW) or camera errors (screwing up WB is the most common one I see).

    Having switched to the d2h I find the as shoot WB is better than with the d70, at least more pleasing and requires me to custom WB 30% rather than 85%+

    I am not an expert like many here, these are just my opinions from my experiences.

    I love RSE, As I said for snapshots I tend to like the camera WB from the d2h a lot (I use a Gretag color chart for shoots). I wouldn't necessarily do Auto WB in RSE all the time, try instead clicking the plus to make a copy and on the copy using the dropper and clicking on a neutral (white or grey) area. Then jsut switch back and forth, with my d70 I prefer the adjusted WB a LOT.

    Anyway I guess my main point is that the value of reading the in camera settings is tied to the actual accuracy of those settings to begin with.

    I think your questions are valid, and I guess I don't know the answers for sure, I am just convoluting the issue with my meanderings.

    If I can help you get better use out of RSE I am happy to help, I Really love it and it saves me a ton of time in my workflow.
  10. You have some valid points, thank you. I am going to try some of your suggestions. I am waiting for the pay version of RSE to come out. I will try that to see how it works.
  11. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Hi Greg!

    In ACR there are several options, depending on what version you are using. If you have Elements 3, then you should be using ACR 3.1. The White Balance pull down menu will have "As Shot" which will take the information supplied from your camera. It will also have "Auto" which is different than the defaults preset by the plug-in. The defaults can be changed or even turned off by saving a new group of settings crom the ACR menu (it under the right side of the histogram, marked with a tiny triangle inside a circle.)

    Good luck!
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