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Advanced Wireless Lighting in D50 and SB-600?

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by artoris, May 25, 2007.

  1. artoris


    May 25, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Is it possible to use the Advanced Wireless Lighting setup with just the D50 and SB-600?

    I know how to set the flash to wireless, but I don't see any settings for the camera.
  2. The D50, unfortunately, does not have the commander mode!
  3. Hi, Artoris, and welcome to the Cafe. Francois is correct. The d50 doesn't have the ability to fully communicate with a remote flash wirelessly, but all is not lost! Your sb600 has a mode called SU-4, in which it can be triggered wirelessly by the internal pop up flash built into your d50. But you'll have to put the internal flash into manual mode, to avoid the pre-flash that's part of the ittl system The drawback is that you'll need to adjust the power of both the internal flash and the sb600 manually, but the good news is that you'll be able to use your sb600 wirelessly! And you have the option of buying an SB800 or SU800 if you want to enjoy full CLS wireless capability.

    Hope that helps :cool: .
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2007
  4. Even if I did not post the question, I'd like to thank you for that answer Frank. I had always wondered if there was a way to do this with my D50(even without CLS). Can't wait to give it a try!!!

    ...and Artoris...thanks for posting that question!!!
  5. Cool. Thanks for the link...I''ve got a bit of reading to do now!!!
  6. artoris


    May 25, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Uncle Frank, thanks for the info, but I can't seem to find the SU-4 mode. I've looked under custom settings and it's not there. Could you please tell me how to find it? Thanks.
  7. I've got the same problem as artoris: can't find the SU-4 mode. I googled it and a couple of the links are saying that the SB-600 does not have that mode!?!? It seems the only way to get this to work is with a wireless trigger system.
  8. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO
    The SB800 has SU-4 mode. The SB-600 does not. You could buy SU-4 adapters or an SU-800. I think the SU-800 will work with the D50. Might want to check that first.
  9. Some more reading revealed that this is unfortunately the case.:frown:
  10. Drats. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up. But wait! The Strobist addresses this issue in the second paragraph of Lighting 101:


    Maybe someone who's already done this will drop in to explain all of the particulars and how-to.
  11. Dayo


    May 1, 2006
    You basically have two options wired or wireless.

    For wired, you can get a pc sync cord and connect your camera to the flash (I assume the D50 has a pc outlet). If if doesn't, there are hotshoe to PC options where you put one end on your camera hotshoe and the other in the flash pc port.

    PC cables are apparently fragile so some use the household option which has what I take to be the US general electrical appliance plug on one end. This obviously can't be connected directly to the flash but Wien makes the HSH adaptor. This option uses more roburst leads and can be extended with stuff from hardware stores. Of those of us outside N America, it is not a viable option.

    For Wireless, you can use something like the Wien peanut slave which you attach to a sync cord connected to your flash and will operate as Frank described for the SU 4 mode on an SB800.

    You also have the option of the EBAY radio trigger. They only cost about $20 from Gadget Infinity and come in two versions: a Four-Channel version that has a hotshoe designed for small strobes and a 16-Channel version without a hotshoe designed for Studio Strobes. I bought the 16-channel one and it does the job for me so far. It needed some mods which I put up here. I think B&H also carry this item under another name at about 3 or 4 times the price.

    An option is to buy an SB800 to use as commander but that will have to sit on your camera I think. There is also the SU800 infrared commander.

    The most reliable (and expensive) is to trigger using pocket wizards or similar. I think Elinchrom announced something at PMA that is cheaper but not sure how that has worked out so far.

    Good luck!
  12. The problem is, the sb600 doesn't seem to have a sync cord connector.
  13. Dayo


    May 1, 2006
    Ha! It doesn't seem to indeed as shown here. I always thought all nikon flashes had pc ports.

    To the OP, you can consider getting these
    Stick SB600 into hotshoe, Wien slave into PC cable and set flashes to manual as previously described. Multiple remote flashes can be so triggered by the onboard flash. No fancy CLS stuff but enough for the Strobist way.

    You could also use the Ebay wireless triggers which will give independence from the onboard flash or add some components that will allow you to leave the triggering flash remote from the camera body (wired though).

    All the best.
  14. chemisti


    May 24, 2007
    McKinney, TX
    Hey - I shoot with a SB-600 off camera:

    I use the following:
    Option A (Ebay Ghetto Trigger + PC Adapter):

    Option B (Optical Trigger):

    Note: I made an antenna mod on my RF trigger which greatly increased the range and reliability - so I now use the RF triggers much more. The optical triggers are a cheap way to add more flashes very inexpensively.
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