Jan 28, 2019
Good to hear this finally came to an end, its been a long road. Its amazing what some people will do showing no regard for anyone but themselves. Too bad there is no easy legal path to go after them for damages for the time they squatted in your house. A good friend of mine owns rental properties and has a hundred stories of the kind of BS people will pull in someone else's house while they are living in it.
Apr 30, 2005
Southern Cal
We are in the process of getting the house ready to show for sale.
There is a lot of my sister-in-laws furniture still there.
Beds, dressers, patio furniture, garden equipment and even some miscellaneous "junk"
We tried calling a few of the charities that pick up things like this between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
To our surprise many said their warehouses were quite full of donations for the holidays and could not accept any more right now. I'm hoping that has changed now that Christmas is here and gone. I'll plan on making another few calls. If any of you have some recommendations in the Miami Florida area please let me know. We had a couple of the "junk hauling" companies and I think they are quite expensive for gathering items that they will take and sell for profit.
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