Advice on Selling Photos?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AFS, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Hi there.
    I've probably asked something like this before... but here goes nothing.
    I'm a pretty advanced amateur right now. I've done two events (very satisfied clients) this year and we do some studio stuff at school. But right now i'm giving a lot of serious thought to selling some of my more artistic work.
    Some of you may have seen my experiments with 'rodenstock-ography' and I feel the results are very promising.
    I also do a bit of sports photography, which I intend to really step up once the D200 ships.
    Some of my fellow students have also sold some work and i'm asking them about this as well.
    Anyone have any thoughts though on how I can get started with selling some of my shots? I'd like to reach the largest possible customer base.
    This hobby is really growing for me, and with it the costs. My average Nikon lens costs me $1000... my latest body is costing me close to $2000 with the accessories. Add to that the cost of a lifepixel IR mod for my D70, and the potential for purchasing a Katz eye split image focusing screen, plus the lenses I want to get the picture. And that's before I mention the cart I have on the apple website :redface:. At least one of my photog friends works for the apple store and can get me a 30% discount. For a teenager without a job (almost had a very good one, but hurricanes have so dramatically affected school schedules taht I cannot afford to dedicate the time and energy to it) this part of my life has a growth rate that is simply not as sustainable as I'd like it to be.
    Thanks in advance... I just hope someone can help ne :frown:
  2. Is there any shows in your town? Like art shows? Maybe your school does some shows? I know that my HS orchestra is doing an artistic fundraiser where we give some of the money back and have to buy a table but it is paid off fairly quick. Is there anything like that where you live? Of course there is a possibility that they sell poorly which you may lose some money in bringing some there but then you could always give out your email so you could email samples later? A website might be a good idea but that requires quite a bit of time to get started and it terribly hard to get traffic and then keep it. Maybe worth a try? Any older people you know that work in big offices? I know my mom has taken a few 8X10's to work and just displayed them and said who took them and that she is trying to sell them. Not sure if that is acceptable in any of the workplaces there? I hope maybe some of this helped..Best advice would be to look around for an art show or fair around your area I think. Hope somebody else can help too.
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