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After 13,000 shots at the wedding, the photographers missed

Discussion in 'People' started by Backdoctor, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. this one. My cousin had this group do his daughters wedding, and they took 13000 shots. They are up on a web site allowing folks to buy copies, great idea.

    They called me and asked for this shot. They said among all the shots taken, including the 13000 the wedding photographers took, this is the best one of them all. What do you think? It was taken from across the room with the SB800 on my D2H and 17-55. It was so far away, the flash did not light them up enough.

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  2. Harris:

    You captured a very special moment. This is a great shot; here's what I think is really good about it:

    - Weddings are frenzied experiences for most people, and usually there are times when the bride and groom start blocking out all the activity around them and share a brief moment like this. You caught it.

    - Exposure: weddings are notoriously tough because of all the white, black, and "flashy" things to deal with. You exposed this well: there's lots of detail in the dress, and enough in the tux to define it. The flash worked pretty well here, without being too harsh.

    - Composition: you got a full length shot of them. Sounds simple, but many people center the heads in shots like this. You balanced their heads between the flowers, which also provides a splash of color in an otherwise muted environment. There's enough subject isolation from a depth-of-field standpoint to reduce the distraction of the background.


    Counteract the "flash shadow" by attempting to lighten it a little on the right side and darken a little on the left side, and/or try to vignette a bit to draw the eye into the couple.

    The bulk of what makes this shot (in my humble opinion) is that you "caught the moment."
  3. Thats a lovely shot

    What makes it really nice to me is that it's totally natural and uncontrived - it's easy to understand why the couple really wanted it, unposed, just a special moment. Your birding guys have got mighty steady hands for those long shots - if it was me it would have been a big blur!
  4. CraigH.


    Feb 1, 2005
    Northen NJ
    Nice capture Harris. they should be pleased.
  5. Unfortunately, the only copy is the one on pbase. My puter went down and both my 160 gb hd's seem too have damaged partitions. I was in the process of backing up, but will lose my last 5 months of stuff less a few things I saved from the wedding and the session that were on my laptop. I have both harddrives and hope a geek I know can get the data off, but it doesnt look good.

    Thanks for the kind words. Hard to believe I shot that from across the room and cropped it out of a landscape shot.
  6. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Harris :

    As someone else said, "I feel your pain."

    My desktop's been acting flaky of late as well. After running quite an exhaustive set of diagnostics, I've found out that one of the 200GB drives is "failing" according to the Maxtor PowerMax program. As I type this on my laptop, I'm trying to transfer about 100GB of photos off of the failing desktop HD onto an external HD. It's going slowly, but so far (knock on wood), it's going.

    There are a scad of programs available to transfer the data if your "geek" doesn't step up to the challenge of transfer. if you know the specific filename for the photo in question, there's a better chance of tracking that one down.

    I'll think good thoughts for you, for what that's worth. Good luck, amigo.

    John P.

    P.S. And I now I know why you didn't test DEE with that photo over on the other forum... Did you see the effects of my quick 'n' dirty workover ?
  7. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Harris, if your geek cannot retreive anything please call me and talk to me about it. It would be a complete shame for you to lose 5 months of wonderful pictures. Yes, you are a pretty good photographer, I said it. :wink:
  8. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Harris :

    I realised that I mentioned software but provided no link of any kind. See


    It's a pretty darned good package, IMO. I haven't used v6 - yet, but the night is young and the transfer of my data is slowly proceeding - but I did use v5 to recover data at a site I was working with a bit back. It isn't perfect, and can't always get everything, but it's the best I've used to date.

    John P.
  9. Re: After 13,000 shots at the wedding, the photographers mis

    Harris, a number of things.

    1. Great shot, I can see why they would like it.

    2. 13000 shots and they missed this? Hmmm.

    3. If they want it, I hope you will be well compensated.

    4. SpinRite is a very good product. I haven't used the latest, luckily, but earlier ones were super.

    5. Try this one as well, as Galbraith says "Best $29 incurance", or words to that effect:


    Good luck, if nothing else the bride and groom will have your image.
  10. I will let you all know what happens. I may call if need help
  11. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Harris :

    Spinrite is downloadable, even with a laptop. If the new version is as for the old, you can make a bootable CD or floppy to get the machine operational enough to assess and perhaps recover data. Sooner is better than later, mon ami.

    Another thought for you - and it's advice I've taken myself and followed - get an external USB drive to download the materials recovered to. I did this last night and managed to get all but one photo file off of that 200 GB drive that was failing. I actually buy internal drives and place them into USB-2 enclosures, allowing me to upgrade the external drives as needed (and donate the "lesser" drives to a nearby school for their use).

    I've just installed a new 300 GB internal drive this afternoon (on sale this week at Office Depot) to replace the failed drive in the desktop. I may buy a second 300 GB drive tomorrow to put into the desktop. Storage is relatively cheap right now, and I can take the "old" 200 GB drive and make it an external drive (and I'm thinking about building a Firewire 800 enclosure with several HDs in it as well).

    Now to ship out the failed drive back to Maxtor to replace/repair. Fortunately, this one was still under warranty.

    And on another related subject, the tests I ran with more superficial diagnostics didn't show the drive problem. It was only when I did an "in-depth" test taking about two hours per drive that I was able to determine that the second drive was failing. The lesson on this one is to run the more involved diagnostics rather than just trusting the "quick" tests.

    Keep us in the loop on your system. If I were in the area, I'd offer to come and try fixing it, but I'm a long distance away, alas.

    John P.
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