After AF-fine tuning, my D7000 + kitlens is tacksharp...

Jan 20, 2010
Got my D7000 with 18-105 last week to complement my D700 for reach, probably macro, probably some video and the luxury of carrying a lightweight camera-lens combo...

On day one I was quite disappointed while all test images with the 18-105 were extremely soft, like OOF. When I tried the D7000 body with 70-200 VRII and other good glass there were no problems, even with 70-200VRII+ TCIII the images came out sharp.

Yesterday I tested for front/backfocus and finally got very sharp pictures after I finetuned my 18-105 to -9 .

Next weekend I'll check if other lenses still improve after finetuning as well.

The D7000 with my 105 VR seems to work quite fine:

Just like when I was testing D7000 on PhotoKina back in September I am very happy with the D7000 AF speed and accuracy. Even with the 70-200VRII + TCIII it locks focus very fast and accurate, also for birds in flight. I cannot feel any difference in AF speed between my D700 and my D7000 while using AF-S lenses.

Thanks for your attention.
Mar 6, 2006
Seems to be a common setting for the kit lens

You know this is interesting. I set my AF fine tune to -8 after testing on different charts, eyelashes etc. Below is a post from a guy who noticed the same thing, sent the camera to Nikon for repair with several lenses, had adjustments made. After all that his lenses were good at 0, except for his 18-105 which Nikon kept at -8. Apparently they could not get it to 0. I have read several posts where people got their best results around -8 on the fine tune for the kit lens. What is it about that kit lens?

Funny enough, he posted his results on DPReview where most people said it was user error, didn't know what he was doing, etc. Check out his test setup. It ain't rocket science...
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