Afternoon delight

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Frits, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Charlo takes an afternoon nap in the cool shade.
    Just trying out my new Ai-S 85mm f/1.4

    D2x, Nikkor Ai-S 85mm f/1.4 (natural light, wide open)
  2. A cat's life doesn't get much better than that. Nice use of DOF.
  3. Hi Frits

    Nice pic!

    Do you prefer this version to the AF?

  4. Thanks John!
    I don't know yet, I just got it and only have shot a handful of snaps with it (also a quick portrait of Anne in the people forum).
    To be sure, the AF version is absolutely outstanding. It is my appreciation for Ai(S) lenses that made me change, I like manual focusing so much better.
    I like what I see so far. The feeling of the lens and its smooth focusing is outstanding. I doubt that in practice I will see a whole lot of difference.
  5. Thanks Frits
    I do remember you mentioning once about 'switching' to primes ............... guess the Ais is a logical extension of that move. "Purity of design".................. :biggrin:

    Looking forward to more pics.
  6. I have just one AF lens left (180mm f/2.8D, it is really that good :smile:).
    For the rest all my lenses are Ai(S) prime lenses of very high quality (from 20 to 400mm). Love 'em!
  7. Ooohhhhh Frits! What a beauty! Love that cat, love that photo, and the lens? Well, when you get tired of it, send it my way! :wink::rolleyes::biggrin:
  8. Ah! Just found this, Frits. You took to the lens like duck to water, didn't you? That's a very fine image of a very fine feline! :smile: