Jan 25, 2005
Today has totally sucked. I am knee deep in it. I am so glad the weekend is here. I didn't get to shoot as much as I wanted to this week as work intruded. October through Christmas flew by and January is taking FOREVER get through. I suppose being busy and overworked is better than the alternative.

I just get tired of fixing the same computer problems day in and day out.
Spyware pisses me off big time, but I get paid to fix this stuff. The new technology is cool to learn and play with. It never ceases to amaze me that people use these filesharing P2P network programs and get completely hosed or their hard drive crashes for some reason and they get upset because there is no data recoverable. BACK UP your stuff.

I had this one lady this week cry in my showroom because she lost several years of pictures and research about her family history and all the term papers she wrote. She never backed it up. I asked why and she said that the Best Buy sales person never mentioned it. She just assumed that it was in the box and it would be ok. So sad, but 80% of people that come to my service department have never made a backup.

/rant mode off

Thanks for reading this drivel Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Weekend? My week is seven days like yours. Except that its six Saturdays and one Sunday (good day to keep track of the rest of the week). Yup, got to backup anything worth saving. All my photos go on CDs and CDs that go to the gallery are backed up at home on a second CD. I have a routine. Nap, take some photos, nap. Think about taking some photos, nap. Nap, take some photos, nap. Too cold outside, nap. Guess you get the idea.
Jan 26, 2005
Ooops, that was me above. Didn't realize I wasn't logged in and I didn't know you could reply to a post as a guest. Time for another nap before bedtime. :oops:


Yes I can see your fustration.
I can be blessed with my seven three spindle Thinkpad's, and for each one has a cloned hard drive stored some other place.
Depending on use, I clone the drive at least biweekly.
Also each drive has at least two partitions,first partion for operating system and second for data. [photo files etc].
So even if the hdd motor fails. Im still covered.

Yes I can understand the tears that woman had, when she lost
her geneolgy [sp] files.
They take an awful long time to produce and once lost, unless one has kept certain key files elswhere.

Since I have been in Thinkpad's for 10 years people come to me for a fix.
For some I will put on the OS and make second partition. I try to explain why. They don't listen or underatand. I know that. I also know "C" partition will fill up and that they will be back saying it is so slow.
For others I refer them to a repair shop.
I don't want to spend 10 or more hours.

Yes backup or clonning or something is dam important.

Jan 25, 2005
South Florida
One of my raid hd's failed, have a message. On the phone waiting for Dell support. Dont even have this beast 3 months. So much for dell.

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