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Ai-S 105mm f/1.8 - so sharp, yet so soft

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Frits, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I have the habit of speaking very highly of the Nikkor Ai-S 105mm (either the f/2.5 or the f/1.8).

    Late this afternoon I shot a quick one of Charlo as he was sprawled out over the kitchen floor for a nap - during dinner preparation time :rolleyes: 

    I love the outstanding sharpness of the lens, combined with the smoothest bokeh you'll ever see (if you want it, of course).

    There was some nasty light being reflected from the floor, which caused a touch of flare - no biggie.

    Today's snapshot (Ai-S 105mm f/1.8, natural light, hand held ~@ 1/4 sec :eek:  ~). Wonderful, smooth bokeh:

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    ...but SHARP (100% crop):

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    To cap it off, an unrelated image I took with the 105mm f/1.8 earlier this year (natural light also). Incredible IQ:

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  2. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    beautiful Frits

    was the first shot @1.8 ?

    the right upper highlights seem not very round, or is this just a characteristic of the lens ?

    just wondering, as I have been deep in thought bwt this lens and the 135/2 AiS
  3. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Frits: Fantastic capture's:smile:. I joined the cafe for cat Images. My New to me Nikkor 105 1.8 AIS has been with me for about a week:cool: . The brightness of the veiwfinder with the D3 combined with the buttery smooth focusing and fantastic IQ and as Frits says bokeh to die for makes this combination a winner. It's just such a sweet lens. Nikkor AIS :cool: .

  4. Thanks Frank. It was shot at f/4 (as was the 2nd one). At the upper right it is the touch of flare I mentioned because of nasty light reflections. Usually that is not there.
    I highly recommend the Ai-S 105mm - either the f/1.8 or the f/2.5.
  5. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    I had a 2.5 and sold it to the Dude :cool: 

    but I have been thinking the 1.8 is better for low light, hence more versatile
  6. It is exactly that Frank. I had the f/2.5 and loved it. Then I got me a mint f/1.8 and ran some comparisons. The f/1.8 is every bit as good as the venerable f/2.5, but a bit faster.
  7. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    sounds great

    thanks Frits

    if I could just make up my mind :confused: 
  8. sllywhtboy


    Jun 28, 2006
    i wanted the 105 1.8 but they're going for $450+. i got the 105 2.5 for $125. i had a hard time justifying $325 for another stop.

    that said, i like my 105 2.5. now that i have a d200, i can meter it :) 
  9. Great shot, Frits. The 105mm f/1.8 AIS is one my favorite lenses. I combined it with extension tubes to shoot small flowers.

    Nikkor 105mm f/1.8 AIS w/ extension tube @ f/1.8

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  10. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    nice Vinh

    what tube did you use ?
  11. Superb shots. I also have one of these. I was going to sell it since I have bought a 105DC but after seeing your photos, I may change my mind!!!
  12. Frits....
    Charlo looks awesome
    love that first shot....

    what a great lens in your hands
  13. Great images Frits.

    Of the two 105, I like the F/1.8 better.
  14. gugs


    Feb 24, 2006
    I love both, but the 2.5 has two small advantages: it is really sharp fully open (the 105 1.8 IQ improves a lot when closing down), and it is much lighter and much more discrete to carry...

  15. Hi Frits,

    Wow, very sharp and very impressive. As much as I love my f/2.5 you and others now have me thinking about an f/1.8. :cool: 
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