Airshow - Thunder over MI pt4 {final}

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by phecksel, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Here's the rest of the pics

    I still love this shot...kick the tires and light the fires

    Here's a little better focused shot

    Pilot almost looks like a toy model

    gotta get in the fling wing too

    Here's the rest of the album

    Overall, had a great day, it was worth every penny I paid for the "photographers pass". Had a tough time with the F16, only got a couple of marginal keepers, where last year did a much better job.

    Thank you for looking

  2. that 1st photo....will show everyone at work thday. thanks and nice series. david
  3. Awesome show. Great shots!
  4. robjencampbell


    Aug 2, 2007
    awesome picture
  5. Nice captures... that MIG is Sweeeet... and seemed to climb a lot faster than the F86.

    I look forward to that show every year!
  6. I actually love being on the lake with the BA fly. Totally different perspective.

    I don't remember if I asked you, did you get the photographers pass? If not, it is worth every penny!
  7. Phil,
    I like that P-47 shot, those are pretty rare. I must admit that I am pretty partial to those big round engines also.
  8. I didn't get the photogs pass this year.... on your recommendation I will get one next year. Maybe I will see you there!
  9. Preferred free parking coming in from the west exit NO WAIT EXIT!!!!
    Meal Pass
    Free water and pop
    Tent Shade
    Very Close porta potty's with built in sink and water
    Virtually unecombured access to the fence line...except for the AH with the canon+120-300 that thought his fancy camera gave him the right to step in front of other people :(
    Early access to the flight line, when nobody else was there.
  10. Glideslope


    Feb 8, 2006
    Nice series. Love the expression on the Thunderbolt drivers face. He is happier than a kid in a candy store.
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