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  1. So one thing I am not exactly clear on with regard to AIS lenses. You set the max aperture in the non-cpu data. But what does that mean exactly? If I use the 55 2.8 micro, it sounds like I would set that to 2.8.

    But what happens if I spin the aperture dial on the lens to another f stop? Can the camera read that? Or do I have to change the non-cpu data?

    And if that is the case, why do they call it "maximum aperture" vs. "aperture."

    Obviously I am confused as to how one uses these lenses on this camera. The the "func" button can act as a speedy way to change that setting doesn't help.

    Any help appreciated. I imagine I'll be buying that lens in any case, but knowing how much work there is in figuring out the exposure would help.

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    If you don't input any non-CPU lens data, the camera thinks in a "delta" scale. delta F = 1 means the lens has been stopped down 1 stop etc. If you however set the max. aperture to 2.8, then the camera readout will be 4 instead (1 stop down from 2.8 ), which makes it kind of easier for the user. This also enables colour matrix metering and other nice features.

    Both the max., working aperture, and lens focal length are recorded in the EXIF too. You just set the data once and can go on shooting, the D2X knows all about your lens thereafter.

    Maximum aperture and "speed" of a lens are the same.
  3. So the camera can read relative aperture from the lens. Via the same arm used with AF lenses to set the aperture?
  4. nfoto

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    Absolutely. That's what the sliding control around the camera throat is for :)
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