Alabama Cherry Blossoms

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  1. I was out in the yard this evening with our youngest daughter and took notice of a number of things. First that it was a very nice evening with perfectly clear skies, second that it was quite warm and pleasant, and third, that the cherry trees had blossomed out in the last day, or two.

    With my D70 and 70-200 mm, Auto ISO, manual, hand-held, I took some shots, using the pop-up flash at -1.0 EV (for fill), with the sky as a background. Here is what I got:

    C & C Welcomed


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  2. Very nice, Joe. The images with the dark sky background are striking.

    Yes, Spring is here...I got to cut my grass today and I was actually happy about it. I also had to kill some weeds that were sprouting up and I kept telling myself “at least it is a sign that things are growing”.
  3. Bob Coutant

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    May 17, 2005
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    Those are nice -- my mood changed the minute I saw them. Thanks for showing these.
  4. Thanks for commenting, Mason.

    I think I like the black background a bit better than the blue, too, because the flowers pop right out.

    My eys are itching like crazy, right now, and the cars are green. Spring is sprung. I will have to do some mowing this weekend to stay ahead.
  5. Thanks, Bob.

    Still winter there, eh?

    My family mostly lives in upstate NY. They have several feet of snow still on the ground. I am glad I could provide these mood modifying images for you. I need to forward them to my folks, too :smile:
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