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  1. None of these images are artistic, but the site is so interesting, I wanted to share these with you.

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    In southern Sweden, near Ystad is the stone sunship Ales Stenar. This stone structure (59 stones) was built around 2700 years ago and was used as a calendar and sundial. It was built on a cliff near the ocean and the view from the sea horizon and the view from the land horizon each cover 180 degrees, thus a full 360 degrees around the shiplike formation. The length is 67 meters and the width is 19 meters.

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    The holes in the rock depict the constellation "the Swan". In Greek mythology, the Swan symbolizes the sunbird. It is believed that the Nordic peoples were worshipers of the the sun, hence the importance of the Swan.

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    Ales means sanctuary.

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    The area that Ales Stenar is now in is used by cattle. They have free range over the area. When you visit the site, one of these cows may be standing next to you.
  2. Gil, these are very interesting. I've never heard of this place. Great little informative series!
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    That is really neat, very informative and good shots.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.
  4. Thanks, Kevin and Gale. I just wish the images could show this better. It is very interesting to be walking in fields and then all of a sudden this monument appears. What is even more interesting is that nobody destoyed it over all this time.

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