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All The Fun Of The Fair...

Discussion in 'People' started by Graeme, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. My eldest son, Ben (on the right), enjoying the merry go round! :smile:

  2. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    Oh Man! What a great shot, but his expression could be saying.."get me off this kiddie ride and on to the scary stuff!" :biggrin:

    What are you feeding that boy? He's looking like a young adult.
  3. Well, Graeme I guess you're back with a passion!:biggrin:Sweet pic of your lad.
  4. dtbh


    Mar 9, 2006
    Are you sure he was enjoying? He seemed to imply "what a yawn" and wanted more of the scarier stuff. :biggrin: Great capture and conversion, Graeme.
  5. Dave_Canada

    Dave_Canada Guest

    great snap Graeme ..
    Really conveys the moment.
  6. Duschoolboy


    Dec 17, 2006
    Great shoot. If that was me it would be the pre puke shot. Going round and round doesnt agree with me!
  7. Thanks Stu. just a quick snap last weekend. This was the only ride there (it was a SMALL village school fair :smile: ). Yep.. he's growing up fast my friend! :eek: 

    Hey Ray......... been having severe problems with my PC......... so hope to be here a little more often now. Great to here from you! :biggrin:

    As above Banhup. this was the only ride there!

    Thanks Dave!

    Same here Mike.......... could never stand these things! :eek: 
  8. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    Superb! Made me smile...
  9. Thank you! :smile:
  10. Welcome back. Your work has been missed.

    ..and yes, put that young man on a scary ride. :) 
  11. Yes, I did recognize Ben. Looks like he is about to toss his cookies. :smile: Fun shot.
  12. Love it! I agree with Stu... I think he is mocking the kiddie ride! :tongue:
  13. cuss2much

    cuss2much Guest

    great work Greame...

    I'm still in awe of your BW stuff...
  14. Thanks Stephen..... apologies for going awol! :biggrin:

    Thanks Gordon.......... :cool: 

    Anthony, thanks as always! :wink:

    Thanks Maurice.......... too kind! :redface:
  15. satelite seven

    satelite seven

    May 14, 2006
    Hi Graeme!!!!
    It does look like a pre-barf moment!!! great capture mate!!
  16. Yum yum, fly snack! :BigGrin:
  17. That's priceless. A once in a lifetime shot and I love the BW processing.

  18. Thanks Patrick.......... hope all is well my friend! :biggrin:

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Thanks Ned!

    Thanks Dennis! :wink:
  19. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    This is an awesome shot Graeme - perfect timing!

  20. Hey Fred....... hope all is well my friend........... sorry I've not been around......... gremlins in my PC................. real bad!!!!!

    Sorted now, so hopefully will be around a little more..................

    Thank you! :biggrin:

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