Allegheny Pano

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  1. my second pano attempt. Comments?
    This is the allegheny range as seen from highland county Va
  2. Angelo


    Sep 19, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    one word: GORGEOUS!
  3. Thanks Angelo! :smile:
  4. Hi Dave,

    As an image to look at, it's great! I like the composition: it gives a feeling of peace and quiet. :smile:

    However, if you want some critique/advice on the pano technique, I can say that the stitching seam is visible in the sky around the middle of the picture and the sky is blown towards the sun. Both problems come from the same issue: you need to meter the whole area covered by the multiple shots, gauge the best exposure for the whole series and either shoot in manual with those settings dialed in, or lock the exposure with AF-E lock. You can smooth the blend after stitching, by using a large soft brush with the healing brush tool in PS.

    I can't say if the horizon is supposed to be slanted like this or not, but that's one more thing to watch for. This can be helped by shooting on a tripod with a head that pans (many ball-heads have a pan knob), after making sure that the tripod + head + camera combination is level: a tripod with built-in spirit levels and/or a spirit level accessory that plugs into the hot shoe are the ticket for that.

    What did you use for your stitching software?
  5. Philippe
    Thanks, this is the type of info that I need. The horizon is true and I did use the tripod technique that you described. The metering and retouching are issues that I relly will need to work with. I used photomerge in Photoshop.
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