almost got in BIG trouble

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    May 1, 2005

    I just missed out on an auction on a USA model mint Demo Nikon 200mm f2 VR, with a year warranty. I had my bid up until the last hour, but someone wanted it $50.00 worse than me, I placed my high at $3177 and just waited and swore not to increase it anymore or get into a bidding war. I thought for a while, i am still winning this, and my high bid is still a ways away,....oh no, ..... My wife is going to think I am crazy,........... now I do have to sell some lenses (300 f4 AFS, and 180mm 2.8 prime), and some pocket knives and some cash from the savings to get this lens, but, I lost..... but I get to keep two of my favorite lenses :) and my wife still loves me, so that's good!

    however,........ I have seen some 85 1.4 lenses on ebay from good sellers for around 750.......hmmmm........maybe I could sell some stuff.......

    thought I would give you my taste of my crazy LLD antics, It was a great deal, and I just couldn't pass it up, I was planning to get this lens in a year or two, not just today, but you know how it is......


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  2. Sounds like a serious case of LLD! There is no cure!

    I just got a 50mm 1.2 AI (poor mans Noct?)
    On Ebay is getting harder and harder to get a good deal, there are too many people looking for stuff...

    $3100 sounds mazing for a 200 VR, though....

    A happy wife is better then lenses that is for sure....
  3. twig


    May 23, 2005
    I dont think you won, I Was watching it as well.
    I am not sure $3200 is such a great deal for a lens wit ha 1 year warranty. Once you are in that price range, why not pay a few hundred more bucks for 5 years of coverage?
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    May 1, 2005
    I am confused, "I don't think you won" you said, a bit unclear to me, i didn't win the auction, just telling how I almost did, but in a way was glad I didn't, a LLD story, and.....

    it would have cost me another $800 more in cash to buy new, not a few hundred, to me, that is a big difference. and I would have to already spend a grand in cash after selling everything to get 2200 towards the lens . So out of pocket it would cost me $1800 cash to buy new, including selling lenses it would replace instead of $1000. more than a few hundred ;)

    how often have we seen a USA model, 200 f2 VR in really good condition for around 3200 shipped? They are pretty rare.


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