"Alone at Night" w/Erin

From my shoot last week in coastal NJ with Erin.

D700, 24-70 f2.8
ND 3.0
30 Sec

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Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. We really had a fun time creating this one even though it was freezing cold.
Thanks again for the kinds words. For those that asked how it was done, here's what I did:

Camera Work:
The artwork is 3 total images all shot around noon. The ocean and jetty are one image, the grass and fence another and the model the third. I started with a well exposed image of the ocean and jetty using basic "Long exposure" rules - used a B&W 3.0 ND Filter (10 stop) there's tons of info on Long Exposure out there if you Google it. The model and foreground are straight-up shots.

Post Work:
Opened the BG, and created separate adjustment layers for Shadow/Highlight, Contrast and High-Pass. I played with the Multiply and Overlay blend modes on each layer and selectively painted in/out parts of the layers using various opacity brushes. I also played with the opacity on the layers themselves. This is really not rocket science, you just need to dig in a mess with it. When I got the night time scene with a glowing ocean the way I wanted it, I walked away for a day.

When I came back to the image a day later I knew it was cool, but lacked foreground interest and "story". I added the foreground in another layer using the Overlay blend mode - no real tweaking as I wanted it to be there but not grab attention. I added Erin in another Overlay layer for the "story" part. Finally I added the moon using a freebee Photoshop brush - used the Pencil tool for the stars.