Alpine Flowers

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  1. A few pictures from a weekend mountaineering trip in the Canadian Rockies. I love taking my macro lens along and capturing these beautiful flowers in their natural (and often very harsh) environment.

    #1 Purple Saxifrage in the high alpine.

    #2 Field Chickweed
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    #3 Northern Bedstraw (I think)
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    #4 (Not sure)
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    #5 Three-flowered Avens
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    #6 Shooting Star
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    #7 Kinnikinnik (Bear berry)
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  2. Very nice shots. I like #2 best.
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    May 24, 2007
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  4. what a nice set of images!
  5. Very nice images!

    On the one hand I love alpine flora because it is usually more delicate than the lowland one, also I love the diversity.
    On the other hand I hate them because they are usually more difficult to identify than the lowland ones, mainly because of their dwarfish growth.

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    Really nice Vern! All have a feeling about them ;)