Am I being redundant?

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  1. I have the Nikon 35 f2, 50 f1.4, 85 1.4, 180 f2.8, 70-300VR, 16-85VR, 18-200VR.
    They all seem to have their place in my shooting style.

    However, I really love shooting 35mm or maybe wider. I've been considering getting either or BOTH the 20 f2.8, and the 24 f2.8.

    Am I getting to a point where I'm simply better off getting rid of the three primes (20, 24, 35), and just get the 17-55 f2.8, or maybe the 20-35 f2.8?

    I love the light, compact feel of the smaller primes.
    I also like to take a single focal length for a day, and enjoy the challenges that it brings.

    Opinions welcome.
  2. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    suburbia, ny
    sell the 18-200, you've got it covered better with the 16-85/ 70-300 combo

    look at the Sigma 24 1.8
    the Nikon 24 2.8 is nothing to write home about

    the 35/2 is way too versatile and small to get rid of
  3. You are in a good position - because you have a couple of options

    Firstly, trade in the 18-200 on whichever your next lens will be - for either of the 2 suggestions below

    1. trade in the 16-85VR as well and get the 17-55 2.8
    2. buy the Sigma 10-20

    Either of these 2 options will give you a well balanced kit

    my $0.02
  4. ecalcagnino


    Dec 18, 2007
    Chicago Area
    I am a big fan of the 12-24 for my wides. I considered the 17-55 but I seemed to stay more within the 24-70 so I got one of those. I still have 30mm and 50mm primes but I shoot the 50 less and less.

    Also, I have struggled with selling my 18-200 but I just love it for what it is and it's great as a P&S lens on a day out where I have better things to do than swap lenses. I'd hang onto that one myself.