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Am I destined to do this every two years?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Chad Gladstone, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. I heard a rumour that the D200 and 18 200 were about to be released so I dumped everthing I have except the sb-800, 70-200 VR and TC14IIE including a Nikon 24-120 VR ($460) nikon 24 f/2.8 ($130) 50 f/1.4 ($260), a D70 with remote and cf card ($670), sigma 30 f/1.4 ($390) and a 18-70 DX ($425). Total $2335. Placed orders for D200 (Ritz $1700), 18-200 VR II (Roberts - $650), and Sigma 30 f/1.4 (Dell - $341) Total new cost $2680. So I guess I am in the hole $380 or the replacement cost of the Sigma 30 f/1.4. But does my kit substantially improve? I don't know but it is fun to open new things from time to time especially since I haven't had the slightest urge to upgrade in over two years (Canon DRebel + lenses hell to Nikon D70 kit + 70-200 VR heaven).
  2. Very decisive moves, Chad. You apparently know what you want, and don't dally. The only problems I see are, you have no idea of when your new gear will ship, and no idea if the new gear will meet your expectation. But I guess that's a sign of your confidence in Nikon products.

    I just ran across a thread about the 18-200 that you might find interesting.

  3. Yes, that could be a major setback. Especially if nothing is here for Christmas. (Dusts off the camcorder). Viewfinder, CCD, and AF accuracy/shutter lag speculation was enough to make me jump. As for the lens - 2 ED 3 Asp af-s IF DX VR II should equal my 24-120 VR - though I understand this is much more of a lateral move. Still, I was shooting less and less (nursing the time before GBLOG hit) so I was going to invariably be out of a camera anyway. With my luck it would be right before Christmas and I'd be in no better position. In fact I calculate the used market for D70 will begin to saturate with sellers driving the used price down in the next couple of month anyway - same with the 24-120 Vr. If a person is willing to forgo shooting for a while, it makes sense to dump now before anyone is the wiser (if you have faith in Nikon's capacity to market outstanding replacement equipment). I've always been an early adopter. Thanks for the link.
  4. I don't know what to say... I own one D2H and one D2Hs. Those are so good it actually killed any kind of body lust, be it 25MP for 4000$ or 10MP for 1700 or even 1200$ right in the egg. In reality 10MP is good for ever and can be overkill very often. I know, some people can jump on me but it's what I think.

    Now, if you're a photographer for Elle or Maxim and you shoot Baywatch girls as your job, then it's another song, but I doubt 90% of Nikon shooters do that.

    Funny, though, how almots every poster at dpreview seems to be a National Geographic photographer (yeah right) and those same people clearly wind up other people in utterly useless measurebation-land. No wonder I got booted for being called a "Camera racist" for asking all the FF trolls to go away. Incredible. "Camera-Racist", can you believe that?

    I think your future D200 can stay in your bag for the next 10 years safely, as well as your set of lenses. That's what your extra 360$ bought you :smile:
  5. I'm afraid I wrote a lot but nothing about your adressed issue.

    If your D200 doesn't show up for Xmas, you can always shoot a couple of film rolls. Costco can scan the files directly from the negative without printing for something like only 2.50$ a roll. Really not bad and quite effective. I've done it a couple of times and I was nothing short from happy. Of course, they we're only snaps and family souvenirs but still it got the job done wonderfully.
  6. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Chad, you are a really, really good photographer. I remember a couple of shots of yours, particularly one of your family on a cliff and another of a temple in Utah, at night. They were memorable enough that I can call them back to memory easily, and that was with equipent that you had at the time.

    To some extent, the camera DOES count, but I don't think it's the majority of the result. It takes a discerning eye, a quick mind and ... talent to make great photos. A good camera helps, but if you ain't got it, it ain't gonna hapen no matter what.

    You've got it for sure, so yeah, you will probably want to be shooting at the forefront of technology for some time to come.

    But to save, um, cash, you might want to consider doing your upgrading in a more evolutionary, piecewise mode. It might lead to smoother and quicker development of your art.
  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I think they meant "camrist", N. We all are - that's why we hang out in a camera specific bbs.

    I intend to use my D100 as my primary camera until it dies, or $1700, that I don't need otherwise, drops into my lap - then the D200 will tempt me. And the 18-200vr? My 24-120vr has treated me quite well. I think I'll keep it.

    So although I will read Pop Photo's review (and probably Phil Askey's ... :rolleyes:  ), I'll buy it when I need it. Right now, changing to a larger NEF, slower processing and additional worry about the acuity of my lenses would be more of a burden than a joy. I'm often an early adopter, especially of software, I just don't feel the need right now to change to a more powerful system. Maybe in a year or so, I'll be ready for a new computer, camera, and printer. I hope I've got the dough!


    Hey Beez, I hope the Macs with Intel Inside don't suck. Tell your boss.
  8. First thanks for the kind comments. Second I have been attempting to be more disciplined in shooting (a couple of months back I committed to only use my 50 f/1.4). It worked out great except indoors where I would find myself in the back of the closet just to get the entire subject in focus. So I really am putting an earnest effort improve my skills and advocate an incrimental or evolutionary upgrade path....(but the lenses I select seem to require a tremendous investment - rarely a cost saving provision).

    To that end, I actually had a 300 VR in my cart (decided to stay married for a while longer) and let a 17-35 (a photographer client owed me a substantial amount of money for services rendered) slip through my fingers. But, the D200 just seems so flawlessly appointed. Metering with older lenses, with a viewfinder that can magnify enough to actually focus, non interline CCD for greater pixel pitch, 100000 shutter life, New Af, proper mlu and cable release, etc. - that it defies logic for me not to consider it. Hell, Frank is getting one and he does substantially better than me with 6mp! Besides, 10 mp seems to be a sweet spot for DLSR - defraction at f/14, enough pixel density for group shots and hopefully acceptable DR.
    As for the lens, it is really just in case my wife wants to shoot snaps - nothing too fancy. The last time I put on a prime and handed her the camera, she keeps asking how to zoom. I said to use her feet and she gratiously handed the camera back and requested I change the lens for her. Later, she came back from shooting with the entire set at 24mm, anyway.
    The way I see it, with the D200/18-200 30 f/1.4 70-200 etc, I won't have to upgrade my kit for at least another two years (although the 300 VR would make a splendid birthday gift and the rumoured 10-24 afs DX f/2.8 will of course be an exception to my prohibition).
  9. My philosophy has always been, "When my camera can take a better picture than I can, I'll buy a better camera" and that's why I owned a FE2 for 20 years.

    I bought a D100 just to "try" digital and wound up renewing a long time love affair with photography, but with instant gratification. I can honestly say that I got to the point where the D100 was holding me back so I upgraded to the D2X.

    The D2x is such a HUGE jump over anything I had ever dreamed possible that I doubt I'll ever be able to outshoot my gear.

    When you can take a better photograph than your camera, buy a better camera.

  10. Hey there Chad,

    Well personally, in my opinion I would only upgrade if I felt a need to upgrade... I waited for 3-4 years to even switch over to digital from film. I only justified it because of the coat of film after a week long trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

    Otherwise, I would have kept the D70 and other gear until you really felt a need to upgrade and not just because Nikon came out with a new camera...

    Just my personal philosophy...

    The D70 and other lenses you had was a pretty good setup.

    FWIW Ther is no reason to upgrade cameras every year or two unless you feel a need to be like the Jones and try and keep up with them...

    Your mileage may vary...


  11. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I will be getting a D200 soon I hope... To do so, I will be selling one of my D70's and a few other things I have around here that I don't use.
    My reasons for getting it are simple, I want 5 FPS, a vertical grip, and a faster focusing camera. My reason for wanting those specs are because I do shoot a lot of sports and I believe that will make me a better sports photographer.
    The 10MP to me just means larger files, so I will get less photos on my CF cards, take more HD space. I am not trying to be published in SI or some other magazine (Although it would be nice)
    Heck I have been tempted to just buy a D2H (which is a better sports camera anyhow) for around $1500 since they are starting to pop up.
    I can understand Chad wanting the new stuff.. Heck we all do.
  12. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    Chad, I think you made a good choice. BTW I searched your website and love your images. I would say that your skills warrent the D200 if not better. I hope you receive it soon and are able to keep up the quality of your site.

    P.S. I sense a small hint from your images that you are a Ute man. Good luck with that. :biggrin:
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