American Oystercatchers

Couple of nice ones, John.
Thank you Dan.

I love the perspective and nice use of the vegetation, well done
Thank you Randy, and yes the vegetation gave it a nice perspective, the other one was laying down about ten feet from the first image.
As I left them two alone and started walking away about 50 yards down, one of them flew right next to me about 10 feet from me shoulder height, I believe it was not too pleased with me or my BIG lens in it's face.
I was able to snap a few, this is one of them.

These are really nice. I like how low you got. I can almost feel the sand creeping down the front of my shirt.
Thank you, and yes the sand did end up going inside my pants shoes, and pants pockets:p, but I knew it would happen, it never fails when I shoot at the beach.