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Amvona Ballheads Question.

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by bokehmanedof, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Hello Cafe

    Has anyone here tried one of their ATH-A04 or A03 Ballheads, or... should i stay away?

    Any Opinions would be much appreciated :smile:

  2. Joey,

    The only thing I know about Amvona in general is that they sell a lot of stuff on Ebay, and people who left negative feedback concerning shoddy parts/customer service got neg. feedback back. The only product of theirs that I've seen first-hand were large scrim panels, and they looked like they were decent quality for what the guy had paid for them.

  3. AlanG


    May 6, 2008
    Virginia, USA
    Has anyone tried their backgrounds?
  4. I have tried their ball heads and they are definitely sub-par.... stick with manfrotto/bogen, gitzo and other bigger names... it's worth every penny.

    i bought of couple of amvona ball heads for less than $100 and they seem to work fine in the beginning.... but they start falling apart. Things were slipping... one time, I my D2X nearly felll off. I had to just throw mine away after less than 6 months. contacting them is a pain the the neck also.....

    i ended up spending $150 on a manfrotto/bogen ball head.... never looked back and having a ball of a time with it. Works as it should and solid as a rock!
  5. Joey-

    I have an Amvona tripod head. It is an Arca Swiss knock-off, with emphasis on knock-off. I will say that it is worth the $60 I paid for it, but it was meant to be a temporary solution. I spent more than I planned to on my tripod and needed a head, any head, in a hurry. It will be replaced by a Markins or RRS as soon as I have the funds available. It does not hold as true as a head should.

    It may look like the more expensive heads it's trying to emulate, but it is NOT of the same quality. If I had to do it over again, I would have bought a Flashpoint head from Adorama as my temporary solution.

    PS- Still loving the Tamron 17-50, by the way . . .
  6. I love my Amvona AT-CF94 cabon fiber and magnesium alloy tripod legs
  7. Thanks Guys, i appreciate the input
    Im going to invest into Gitzo, better investment, great quality.

    Hey Rich!
    Its a great lens, Im glad that lens worked out you, your stream over at flickr shows the great pics you have taken with it.
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