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An attempt at B/W + crop

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by EssieK, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    Okies, here's a shot of my eldest. First of all I just like the shot - it shows a kinda serenity and calm that I just like :smile:

    First, the original, just converted to jpeg, nothing else done:

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    Now, here's the B/W:

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    C&C welcome :smile:

    Sigma 30mm 1.4 ISO400 1/250
  2. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    This is a lovely picture of a nice looking child.
    IMO, the light on the original image is a little cold and that might affect the BW conversion which seems a little hard to me.

    The crop was done, I assume, to eliminate the OOF table at the bottom but it just ends up making the arms look awkward and the crop draws attention to this.

    I would try adjusting the color of the bw and then doing the conversions from there and accept the fact that the composition is not ideal but it is a lovely look.
  3. as lew said above
    color correcting the original image will help you quite a bit
    i can show a color-corrected version......
    but, only with your PRIOR APPROVAL
  4. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    Just looking back at this and thought that a portrait crop would preserve the lovely expression and remove a lot of the unneeded arms and table stuff.

    (my stance is that if you ask for C/C that implies an willingness to have your pictures cropped/etc. If you don't, let me know and I'll remove the edited picture and never bother you again.)

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  5. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    I don't mind edits at all - in fact I welcome it :smile:

    I like what you did Lew, appreciate you taking the time
  6. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    Approval given :smile:

    I'll just put a tag in my signature saying "Edits welcome on all my posted images" :biggrin:
  7. you are kind to say....
    i did an edit on my computer at home and never uploaded it (it was late)
    i'll post it when i get home....

    i always love seeing edits of my images, as well
    thanks for your reply
  8. here is that color balanced redo
    sorry for the delay
    thanks for letting me share it with us

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  9. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    Thank you so much Greg, might I ask what you did to the picture (if you remember, that is..)?
  10. certainly
    and.... once again
    sorry for my late reply

    i ran auto-levels on it
    in ps cs2 (on my mac)
    then i went into the color balancer and decreased the blue and increased the magenta and red... and a bit of yellow
    until it looked "right" on my calibrated monitor

    you took a great shot
    the way you showed it, it was a little "cool"
    i just "warmed" it up a bit
  11. one thing to help you
    if you look at your original picture... the bill of the cap was blue
    if you set a "WHITE POINT" to the brightest part of that picture in "auto-levels"
    you can get close to what i did... being careful NOT to blow the highlights
  12. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    Thank you very much Greg, I'll do a bit of tinkering here now
  13. you are VERY welcome
    good luck
    we all learned by tinkering... i promise you
  14. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Watch those freckles . . .

    . . . when you do the conversion to B/W.

    There are a myriad of ways to take an image from RGB to B/W, but one usually wants to make sure that the relationships of colors are maintained, especially in terms of perceived value.

    In the color shot, the little girl has freckles, but they are not prominent. In the B/W version they are more prominent. I wouldn't think that to be desirable in the final image, so would address it - either in how I made the conversion, or in further processing to lighten them.
  15. EssieK

    EssieK Guest

    Thank you for the feedback - I honestly missed that one. I guess I had looked so much at the photo that I was blind to them :smile:
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