An attempt at refining my Hummer shots, Help!

Feb 1, 2005
SE Florida
I'm setting the camera up on Manual Exposure, and using my SB800 for fill, but still I'm not stopping the wingbeat like I want to at these shutter speeds (1/400th). If I go any higher, they're very underexposed. Can anyone tell me how to get a really fast shutter speed, but still have the proper exposure? What should I have the SB set to? Right now, it's at iTTL/FP.
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[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D2X

Focal Length: 400mm

Optimize Image:

Color Mode: Mode I (sRGB)

Long Exposure NR: Off

High ISO NR: On (Normal)

2005/06/30 07:19:47.7

Exposure Mode: Manual

White Balance: Color Temp. (5900 K)

Tone Comp.: Normal

Compressed RAW (12-bit)

Metering Mode: Spot

AF Mode: AF-S

Hue Adjustment: +3°

Image Size: Large (4288 x 2848)

1/400 sec - F/6.3

Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain

Saturation: Normal

Exposure Comp.: +1.0 EV

Auto Flash Mode: i-TTL

Sharpening: Normal

Lens: VR 200-400mm F/4 G

Sensitivity: ISO 800

Auto Flash Comp: 0 EV
May 24, 2005
70 miles from Memphis
Well.....that's a really nice shot one way or the other...!!

How far away are you....??

If close enough, you can set the SB800 on manual at like 1/16 power...the flash duration is then very short, stopping the wings, IF.....the flash supplies most of the light....

If you are pretty far away and the sun is bright.....then more of the exposure depends on the shutter speed and I doubt 1/500 would stop 'em...

Others will know more than me though... :wink:
Apr 20, 2005
Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
There are multiple flash techniques for freezing the motion, and here is a link that explains it very well, Uncle Frank has a great technique for combining flash and sunlight.

Like Mike says I would try to get the flash closer and put it on manual have the background well lit by the sun and try 1/250 f8. I wouldn't use fp sync for higher shutter speeds.

Some motion blur on the wings imo is perfectly fine and doesn't distract from the picture. Now if you want to try something really hard, try to get the realistic motion blur of the wings when they travel thier full path and are almost transparent. A shutter speed of 1/60 picks that up nicely but its hard to get the body with no motion blur at the same time.

Your picture is nice, all you need is some more light.

Feb 1, 2005
SE Florida
Thanks for that link, Kramp,

I learne dsomething there. Stopp down, use lots of lights at low power.
Jan 25, 2005
Good stuff. Thanks Mike and Martin (and to Steve for asking the right questions). :wink:
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