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An intro to the Rookery

Discussion in 'Merritt Island II' started by Kevin Scott, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Never having been to the Rookery, I didn't really know what to expect. Others had said that there were tons of birds, yada yada, but until you actually experience it, you'd never be able to imagine the magnitude of what's there.

    My first impression when I stepped out onto the boardwalk of the Rookery section of the Alligator Farm and saw the sight was "Oh, my, God!". I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Tree after tree just loaded with birds. I had a longer lens on but maybe this will give you an indication of what is there:

    Then you'd get a fly-by (like every 30 seconds) but again, look at the background and notice all the birds:

    But then occasionally, you get one of these:

    I shot conservatively (only about 900) and I've hardly got any bad shots. Don't mean to sound arrogant about it but it's just so overwhelming with birds everywhere that it's difficult to get throwaways.

    These pictures don't do the place justice but it should be high on anybody's list who is planning a visit to Florida. WELL worth the 2hr drive from Orlando. Can't recommend it highly enough. And I can't wait to go back! :) 
  2. Kevin

    Have you been to the rookery at Gatorland in Orlando?

    It is amazing place also. You are so close to the birds you can almost touch them.

  3. Hi Russ. No, I've never been to Gatorland. Before I moved, I was about 2 miles from it. Based on what you're saying and now having been to St Augustine, I'll be sure to check it out!
  4. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Kevin -

    900 shots? How many keepers? The ones here are nice. I won't tell you my batting average.

  5. Trish5


    Mar 31, 2005
    Fantastic shots! You nailed the flyby!

    I am chuckling to myself thinking about how I wished I could have been there to capture the expressions on each face as you round the corner of the boardwalk and enter into fantasyland! And did you not get hysterical hearing the blahblalba that the snowy's make??

    I was so amazed with all the babies that I have yet to focus on the fly-by's...maybe next time...
  6. Thanks, Trish! Yes, the warbling was rather comical. At first it catches you off guard. Then you just can't help but chuckle each time you hear it.

    I can't wait to go back. Please keep me in mind when you and Harry go. I want to work on some more bird portraits, and get more Rosies flying by. There weren't that many.
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