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An observation on D200 sealing...anybody else notice this?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Ming Thein, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Compared to the D2s, I'm starting to think the sealing isn't anywhere near as good - after about a week of moderate use, my rear LCD has dust on the inside of the glass , and the viewfinder has dust on the inside of it too. I was shooting in the rain the other day and got a fogged rear element with a supposedly gasketed lens (18-200VR, has a rubber ring on the mount) - neither of which I've experienced in two years of D2H shooting in even more extreme conditions. I guess the message is just be careful what you expose your camera to...

    ...having said that, no ill effects whatsoever from the pouring rain, and the battery compartment is better sealed than the D2s (which don't appear to be sealed at all, except for a little rubber lip on the top part of the cover.)

    Trying to put the battery issue to rest - it appears the chip needs a few charge/discharge cycles to calibrate itself. My battery is now giving maybe 80% of the performance of my D2H/D2HS - 450 shots with 65% remaining yesterday, 350 with 80% remaining today - all with post shot review on, in cold temperatures.

  2. stever

    stever Guest

    dust in viewfinder d200

    I've had my D200 since end of December and also have dust in the viewfinder..I change lenses a fair amount between 18-200 vr/tamron 200-500mm etc. so I knew it was going to happen as in past with other film and DSLR's..definitely not on the sensor, mirror, or lens this time..crisp clear lil hair type dust..tried blower bulbs etc, mirror and cleaning outside of graticle..wish there was a way to get behind it and into the prism but I would never attempt it..I'm just going to learn to live with it..I sent my Canon 5D back for heavy viewfinder dust (it's a common problem with that one) for last time..like I said I'll learn to live with it..

  3. I thought to have a dust hair in my viewfinder, but it was really on the focusing screen (inside, above the mirror). I used a dry pec pad to gently brush it off.
  4. What surprises me is that I never had this problem in three months of heavy use with either of my D70s, or 20 months of D2H use (the meter and shutter did go, but that's another issue...)

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