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    I know that you can achieve the same thing using PhotoShop and layers...but I just have to say that this is much less work, and has a more 'organic analog' feel to me.

    Anybody using the multiple exposure feature on the D200? Well, i decided to try out an experiment today...and boy am I glad I did. This is really neat...sort of like the old multiple exposures on slide film trick. The D200 is capable of doing up to 10 exposures on a single 'frame'. So this is what I did. Found my subject...isolated it against a piece of black foam core...set my camera for several exposures...can't remember how many on this one...5 or 6. Electonic shutter release and tripod all set to go...start firing away while blowing on the subject or if you have wind...let it do it's thing.

    Minor adjustments for color and black point in PSCS2.

    What do you think? Very painterly IMO.


    and a static shot...

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  2. Very cool! Love it! Never knew digital cameras had this feature.
  3. I don't think its that popular (in camera) because Photoshop can do it after the fact very easily and with multiple ways to blend the layers (pictures)
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