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An old village, its keeper and Americans...

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by italy74, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Hi guys
    what have this elements in common?

    Try to look in Google Earth for "Roscigno Vecchio", near Salerno, southern Italy and let's see if you can show me where it is..
    this very old village, born in 16th century when some swineherds found there a nice place for their grazings, remained unmarked on maps til about 1700 and then grew around its church until 1960 when the several slides occurred during the years had by now mined all the house basements and it wasn't no longer safe to live there. In the 1960-1995 period, people moved to the upper and newer "Roscigno Nuovo", built with more "modern" technologies.
    Just imagine they didn't have water nor electricity and only recently a line has been provided for the only one living there.

    Fuji PRO 160S - Nikon F6 - Tamron 28-75 @ 55mm 1/90 - F/2.8 - -0.5 EV
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    His kitchen - as above but @ 28mm 1/15s - F/2.8 -0.5 EV
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    Some of the old houses - @28mm 1/500s - F/5.6 -0.5 EV
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    Detail - 28mm 1/350s - F/5.6 -0.5 EV
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  2. Well.. what about Americans..? I'll tell you later.. with other pictures..
    For the ones REALLY curious here are the others shots I selected..


    Now I have a "nice" condominium meeting or whatever you call it :( 
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Some nice documentary work in the old tradition of film Dino. Should we recognize the American guy?
  4. Sorry Chris I've been away all the day.. :( 

    There are no american guys to see but american sons of emigrated people are now rebuilding the village but on another b/w roll (not digitized) you can recognize the US flag leaning down a window with the italian one. The really surprising thing is how many people (not only US at all!) coming from all over the world sign the guestbook there.
    They come from eastern Europe, ex soviet republics, US, Canada, Argentina, UK, Nederland, Germany... but I'm sure you can't neither locate it with Google Earth so I'm really wondering how these people (lots !!!) could have found it, since it's not on the maps (there's only the newer burg but it's however little) Actually this burg is used to play some movie scenes for spaghetti western (once: just like the church looking like these spanish missions you can find in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas or Mexico) but also middle-age and 19th century movies due to the lots of houses "bombed", old or in bad conditions.
  5. Wow, Ray
    I know that place since not so far from there my mother in law is born.
    Well, you're right about google but the question is... if you wouldn't know it, how could you know it? It's not "Venice" or "Florence" which are cities that everyone knows and desire to go there.. Maybe in NJ there's something interesting to see but I'm not aware of it at all.. can you get my point? Roscigno Vecchio is for sure on the internet, but who the hell has ever heard of it? As I told you, it is mostly known for its use for spaghetti western or some particular environment, always for movies.
  6. I am now understanding your meaning. Had you never mentioned Roscigno Vecchio, I would not have known it was there to google.
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