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And Another Trip to Ireland

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by TucsonBob, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I'm headed to Ireland the first week of November for a 9 day escorted tour with Tour Operator CIE. The highlights are Blarney, Cashel, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Ring of Kerry. I'm expecting "interesting" weather, and I'd appreciated any tips/advice from those of you who've been there. I'm planning to take my D200 and Panny LX-2, and I'd like your advice on lens selection.

    Best regards,
  2. We're headed that way in Augiust for our 5th trip. I'd recommend Dingle instead of the ring of Kerry. The latter is over touristed.lines of tour buses crawling with people...well, not in November, but still not that great.

    Recommend in addition to above if you can spare the time:
    Dingle Peninsula (Gallirus Oratory, etc.)
    Bunratty Castle..fully restored
    Clonmacnois Abbey
    Waterford /lighthouse
    Trim Castle
    Arran Islands (the big island--Dun Aengis
    North? Greanan of Aileach ring fort. Cold windy and spectacular!

    If you need a B&B I can recommend several; pm me if you're interested.

    Thasnks, Rich
  3. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll be able to check out some of these places you've recommended.
    Best regards,
  4. atherts

    atherts Guest

    Ireland recommendations

    I've been to Ireland three times and am going again in December for a month over Christmas. A quick answer to some of your questions would be checking out my website. It has travel journals from some of my trips, images and some travel tips.

    That being said you'll be somewhat constrained by the tour agenda. None of the places you are going to are bad, they are just "tourist" oriented.
    The prior reply had some good recommendations for other points of interest.

    In regard to the lens options. I took two last time out. One wide angle and one telephoto. On reviewing the images after the trip, 95% of the images were wide angle. Your 12-24 will be the way to go if you like landscape. Around town in Dublin, Galway and Killarney the 50mm or that range would be fine. If you're inside a cathedral (check out St Patrick's in Dublin if possible) the lighting is poor and the 50mm would be great as a flash wouldn't be allowed. Tripods are allowed in some interior locations.
    You'll get great images at Cashel. If you can go down the hill to Hore Abbey, much less tourist oriented.
    We never went to Blarney as it isn't very photogenic and covered in tourists.
    Cliffs of Moher can go either way depending on the weather. We always go at sunset for the light. The wind can be strong and if the clouds are heavy and it is raining, it won't be pleasant. It is quite dramatic to see either way, but the conditions for photography will vary.
    Hopefully your driver will stop often and at spotaneous spots. Maybe talk to the driver at the start and let them know what you might be interested in scenery wise and then sit close so you can prompt them to stop if you see something good. Buying them a drink on occasion at the end of the day wouldn't go amiss.

    In regard to weather, you never know. We've had sunshine in October and lashing rain and wind as well. Be prepared for anything, dress in layers and carry some rain protection for you and your gear.

    Panoramas are wonderful as well if you have the appropriate gear.

    Either way, enjoy your trip. It is a beautiful country and you'll probably want to go back. If you do, stay away from the tour and rent a car. There are B&Bs everywhere and you can be pretty spontaneous. The other option is to rent a cottage for a week, it is much cheaper and Ireland is a small country and you can drive to many places from a central location.

  5. atherts,
    Thanks for your informative response and link to your site. You've got some great photos there. I'm looking forward to seeing the Cliffs of Moher. Hopefully the light will be good and it won't be raining. I appreciate your advice about raingear for my camera (which I hadn't considered), and the lens recommendations. I'm thinking of taking my 12-24mm, the 35-70mm, and either the 50mm, or 45mm.
  6. Ireland

    I was born in County Clare so I'm partial to the west. I would suggest if you could steal some free time and travel to an area called Loop Head. It is in the south west tip of Clare. The landscapes are bare and the people are very friendly. It's not unusual for tours to miss this area. This area is a heritage region. Our language is still common here. There are really cool pubs with real locals and no tourists. Travel the shore and meet the people that work the fishing boats. The photo opps are plenty. And you are only 30 - 40 minutes south of the Cliffs of Mohar. This is an area that is missed by alot of tourists so your photos will be unique.
  7. We came close to Loop Head taking the ferry near Kilrush across the Shannon. Thanks for the suggestion, we're leaving in a month and will visit Loop head. Any particular town or pub to make sure we see?

    Thanks, Rich
  8. There is one is Kilbaha. I forgot the name but it's on the right as you head up to the lighthouse at Loop Head. It has got some beautiful wood work inside. Carrigaholt has a nice one too. If you are driving follow the cliffs up to Spanish Point. It's a nice sea town. For some other original Irish experiences see if you can catch the match making dances in Lindoonvarna.
    Enjoy your trip!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2007
  9. Thanks! Will note that on our itinerary. I believe I saw a TV show on the match making dances there. Was the pub past Kilbaha on the way to the lighthouse?

    Thanks again, Rich
  10. Yes sir. Enjoy.
  11. atherts

    atherts Guest

    I'll have to look into this area as well. We'll be staying for a week in Kilfenora and looking for day trips in Clare. We'll be there in late December/early January. Hope the weather won't be to grim.
  12. Hesperus

    Hesperus Guest

    I'm from Ireland and you are going to some great locations. As you are on a bus tour your ability to move around freely will be restricted (that could be a good thing though as there is a lot to do!) I would bring 12-24, 80-200. What about your 85mm? (I dont own one yet!) the time you are going to spend in the cities .. Dublin, Galway and Killarney (town) and frequenting pubs and shop fronts etc I think this would be great lens! As for the weather - be prepared for the rain - that said, the light - especially early monring in November can be really beautiful - cold crisp and bright frosty mornings. Try to get some early morning shots of the lakes of Killarney!
  13. Hesperus,
    Thanks for the good tips and feedback. I'm playing around with various combinations and the 12-24 is a definite "yes". I'm considering renting an 18-200 because of size/weight concerns about my 80-200. Also, trying to decide between the 85mm and my 50mm 1.4. Ah, decisions, decisions...
  14. Hesperus

    Hesperus Guest

    Bob - you know I didnt even consider size and weight - which of course I should have. And thinking a bit more about it - that 50mm 1.4 would be hard to leave behind (probably more useful than 85mm 1.8!). Gloomy/cloudy evenings and that extra stop may well be worth it .... :) 
  15. Joyseeker

    Joyseeker Guest

    definitely dingle and the best place is the skellig Hotel.


    and stay off 'inch' beach when you are there.

    edit: what a great idea for an avatar. hehe.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2007
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