and this is what started it all...

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  1. DrewC


    Jan 30, 2007
    Denver, CO
    this picture right here, just about led to a nuckle sandwhich for the ol'e neighbors...

    the boss let me borrow an sb800 from the shop... since i sell 'em i should know their every intricacy right? so i was practicing a little "rear curtain slow sync" with some passing traffic and after this one i went inside to review my pics...

    i came out to try some more to find that my (across the street) neighbor and her new boyfriend were wandering around looking for me. ive been waiting for the opportune time to tell these (we'll keep it to trash bags) off..

    basically the're known drug dealers and have 4 bicycles laying in the street for every kid they have. along with furniture on the boulevard which i guess they use? i could go on for days... basically, they're a scar on the neighborhood. back on track.

    they were scouring the street for me, and when i came back out with my d70+sb800 and tripod they asked if i was the one taking pictures... i said yes (still polite) and they asked what i was doing taking pictures in the night time... i told them that i was a photo major practicing with some new equipment and figuring out how to use it, and afterall the best way to try out some long exposures with flash would, in fact be in the night time.

    they told me i cant be taking pictures, and i asked them if they REALLY think they can have an expectation of privacy in the middle of the road, i offered to show them the picture that had some of their car in it, and i also offered to delete it. the new boyfriend was furious that i may have captured whatever they were doing on film... (or CF for example) but i reminded them that the street is public and my pictures are mine.

    i took into account the distraction of a flash while driving and i ruled that out as an issue, the street was plenty wide with nothing but room. and a single flash wouldnt (in this case) pose any real threat.

    but this is what they got all mad at
  2. You have some interesting neighbors. Rear curtain sync can be fun but drug dealing neighbors are not.
  3. BassGod

    BassGod Guest

    Hmm ... I think I see a blunt.
  4. Little Cub

    Little Cub

    Feb 13, 2007
    Vegas, baby!
    A blunt what BassGod...LOL! :eek: Maybe they are dealing in catnip and the flash scared all their customers away. I like the effect that you captured with the tail lights, great color for a night shot!

    Little Cub
  5. Having had a, let's say rough youth, I never felt threatened by dealers or users. Just more lost souls.

    But less than two years ago, a house two doors from one of my sisters that housed three young men, all drug dealers, was the scene of a triple murder. All shot through the head.

    My point being they aren't exactly worth messing with.
  6. Little Cub

    Little Cub

    Feb 13, 2007
    Vegas, baby!
    I have to agree with Beezle, they really aren't worth messing with. I never really understood the ideas behind marking "territories" but one thing to remember is even though a picture can be worth 1000 words, a life is always worth more than that. Keep up the good work, and keep safe.

    Best Regards-
    Little Cub
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