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Animal Portraits (New Pics Added)

Discussion in 'People' started by LauraJohnston, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I need help with doing animal portraits because I just started and it's quite a bit different than photographing people. I just want your input on these few that got my processing first (I shot 7 dogs today).

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    I'm posting them here because I'm using lighting and studio space like you might for a person...

    I think for my next round of dog portraits I'm going to go with some more creative/dramatic lighting perhaps.. I just need to shoot and experiment like anything else I guess.

    I'm going to post some others when I go through them at a later date.. got some cute stuff. I like the bit of distortion I got with the 12-24 (which sadly isn't mine I'm borrowing it).


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  2. Laura, these are great! The only thing I can nitpick about is in #1, could you have tricked the MODEL into looking a little more towards the camera axis and maybe a little down. His eye looks a little awkward like that.
  3. tomj


    Feb 5, 2006
    Seriously Laura, I don't think you need any help with shooting the dogs. These are absolutely outstanding shots. I love all three of them. The first two are just perfect and I love your BG choice on these.

    The dog's owners are sure to be ecstatic with your results.

  4. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Laura....I absulutly LOVE #2...Very Cool stuff.
  5. Laura,
    I love the perspective with the wide lens. Far from the normal portrait and I like them very much. Great work with difficult (and unpredictable) subjects.
  6. I really like these shots, they are well executed and creative!! :smile:

    Just be sure you check with the owner to see if they want something more conventional before shooting. :smile: As a breeder, I want shots that portray how correct my dogs are, how well they fit the standard, etc. .... if I'm going to be displaying them around the house. Cutesy/creative/snapshot stuff is in my office, but the stuff elsewhere in the house I make sure that:

    -eyes are wiped clean
    -there is no drool
    -mouth is closed, and tongue is in
    -no harsh light is making eyes look artificially light (in a breed who is supposed to have dark eyes)
    -the head is angled well to show-off good features (or downplay weaker ones)
    -if the dog is standing, that the topline is level and the feet are well-placed (facing forward and not easty-westy)
    -that the dog is "giving ears" (i.e. they are not sticking out to the side or plastered back against the head)

    I offer this only as info to help you learn your audience. I'm guessing most people you will deal with are basic companion dog people and will love these shots (I would love to have a few GOOD creative ones of my dog too!!!!), but also realize that if you get a more serious dog person in, they may want something more traditional (and know where they're coming from: the goal to portray their dog as a fine example of it's breed standard).

  7. My goodness Laura, you don't need any help. Very nice.
  8. Thanks for the info..! I will take that into account when I'm bringing more clients in. These folks just came in today so I could build my portfolio. But I've talked with a few people recently who want to send photos to their breeders to show off how their dogs have grown, so I'll make sure to accent their breed specific traits!! :) 
  9. i am really pleased that you all like these... i will post more soon!! :) :) 
  10. You can find breed standards at the AKC website to help you find the correct ideas of any breed. :smile:

    A quick way to get ears (IF the dog has good obedience and will hold a stay): pretend to toss them a favorite toy or piece of good food. This will often yield good ears and the tongue retracted. :smile: Be sure you follow through and give it every once in awhile, or they'll learn your lying and that will be the end of that.
  11. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    These are funky in a comical sense - nice!
  12. Arfin GREAT!
    I like the first guy the most. Nice light.:wink:
  13. Taylor


    May 21, 2007
    Toronto, ON
    Great shots! So cute...
  14. MurphyD


    Jan 17, 2007
    South Texas
    One of the local Ritz employees is known as the Dog Lady and does a land office business around Christmas doing photos of dogs for Christmas cards and gifts. If you like doing them, it is a good way to pet your pocketbook.:biggrin:
    By the way these are very well done. Like 'em a lot.
  15. YOU NEED HELP?! LOL! I don't think so! I love every one of em! The whole bunch would make a great start for a wonderful calendar, posters, hang em on the wall, shoot, no matter what, they're great!
  16. JD Photography

    JD Photography

    Aug 4, 2006
    wow....these are really well done, Laura...the images just jump off the screen! I really enjoy these!!!
  17. satelite seven

    satelite seven

    May 14, 2006
    Wow I like them all Laura!!
  18. What fun!! I've got to try the wide angle lens with my dogs. It really makes for some great photos of dogs.
  19. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    OMG......LAURA!!!!! These are absolutely awesome; especially the first two. Only you could do animal portraits with this much style and flair.

    Honestly, for me, this is some of your best work so far.
  20. sharkync

    sharkync Guest

    Laura - The first two shots drew me in and kept me there - very very nice. The third shot I find a little disconcerting. However, I never before thought of using my Sigma 10-20 for animal portraiture - I will certainly do so now. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
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