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  1. Dog Agility, a non-people sport, well, not really since the handlers do as much running as the dogs. Here are a couple I liked.

    I can FLY!!!!:


    And this is one of my dog, Scooter the Mini-Schnauzer, handled by Nancy, the wife :wink:


  2. Cute dogs, good pose, colorful, fun to look at. Good job Bill. Your little Schnauzer is obviously enjoying himself.
  3. Careful, she is a "her" and Nancy won't let you forget it :lol: .

    I got started with this as a way to not be totally bored when my wife goes to a meet, self-preservation. Didn't shoot any last year as Nancy was out with a bad back. What is amazing is the variety of dogs, I'm not sure there is any breed I have not seen run. This is one that the handler really liked:

    Poodles? Agility????


    I have been shooting with an 80-200 f2.8, I think I am going to try with a Sigma 120-300 f2.8 for this year. I try to set up so that I can shoot at least 2 jumps on each run and I think that the extra 100mm will give me better shots on the smaller dogs. It is really annoying with black dogs as none of these meets will allow the use of fill flash.

    Thanks for looking, this is really fun stuff to shoot.
  4. my dog was thinking of sports, envisioning the doggie olympics:

  5. I figured with a name like Scooter it would be a boy. :oops:
  6. animal Sports UFO

    Good peak action, Crop for impact and eliminate distracting background
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