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Announcement: Split of people thread.

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by greyflash, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. For some time now we have had suggestions to split the People thread and Patrick Bramlett authorized that action this afternoon. The "People Forum" will still be the main forum and the place where informal images of family and others may be posted. The secondary forum "Formal Portraits/Weddings" has been split off and will be the place where formal portraits and wedding pictures may be posted. Formal images (whether taken with special lighting or not) should be posted in this forum. It will take a day or so to transfer some of the more formal images to this new forum.

    You may begin posting your formal people images in the new forum from this point forward.
  2. Good stuff ! I've been waiting for a separate 'wedding' section but this will do for now ;) 
  3. spencer313

    spencer313 Guest

    Thank You!
  4. WHY did you guys SPLIT the forum instead of just creating a new forum with EQUAL VISIBILITY? I swear I don't know what goes through your heads... the People forum has turned into a wasteland of snapshots. Why didn't you split off a forum called Crappy Snapshots for Gram and Pop Pop and exile THEM to the back alley?

    Boy am I glad I gave up photography.
  5. One man's irrelevant opinion. Go back to the truck Woody, We can handle the forums.
  6. Woody I am surprised that you would make such a comment. I have always enjoyed your photography when you were contributing but for you to come in now seems a little over the top. Your complaint seems to be centered on Equal Visibility but in effect we have that. You click on the People forum and you have two options, one for family type shots and another for the more formal and wedding type shots. What is so difficult about making a choice?

    The Bird forum was changed not to long ago to Birds and Animals and those folks do not seem to have too much trouble making an extra click to see what they want. This seems so trivial that I wonder what has really prompted your outburst, especially since you have (at your own admission) quit photography. I would be happy if you did contribute for your work is outstanding but to demean others in the manner that you have seems beneath you. If I can be of any help, please send me a PM.
  7. dutchtrumpet


    May 2, 2007
    When I click on the people forum it does not show two forums. The people forum shows the thread list and the weddings forum is another selection at the top.

    I don't know if it's a display issue or not but the weddings forum is secondary to the family type shots.

    That's how it is on safari on my mac.

  8. Thanks Phil, we are discussing that now and I suspect the split will be made a little cleaner. I would like it to be like the Bird/Animal split. I will get back to you.
  9. dutchtrumpet


    May 2, 2007
    Thanks...it's of course your call. :smile:
  10. That's not how it works for me. You can't get to the Wedding/Formal Portraits forum unless you go through the People Forum and happen to look above the bar to the split. It just looks like another thread.

    The way you describe it wouldn't be a problem. Professional work is buried under a mountain of Crappy Snapshots (and you can quote me on that) and it was becoming painfully obvious from all the personal messages and e-mails I'm getting that something either had to be done or the only thing there would be Crappy Snapshots.

    What SHOULD have been done was two entirely new forums, one for Family type stuff and another for Professional work and hope that you can regain some of the vibe from when the work here was mainly top shelf and the discussions were meaningful and educational. It would also give a place for people to exchange pictures of their kids eating ice cream and barfing up their formula.

    And don't fret over my attitude. I'm just the messenger here... I'm not saying anything to your face that's not being said behind your back by a lot more people than just me.

    It's a damn shame what's happened to the People forum... 90% of it is mediocre at best and there is NO intellectual discussion about photography as art... or science, or passion, or craft for that matter.

    It's gotten to the point now where the worst photos get nothing but insipid one-liner coments... It's embarrassing and pros aren't going to last long in that environment, just as sure as we're not going to happy being exiled to the corner of the Crappy Snapshot forum.
  11. Thaddeus


    Jul 24, 2008
    perhaps I was too sarcastic before.

    pros shouldn't have a problem paying for access to their own secluded, private, forum. go thou and be blessed.

    i'm just trying to learn how to use my gear and make some art and feed my creative itch. i really don't care if anyone likes my work, i don't plan on peddling my stuff to the lowest local bidder needing a wedding favor or a headshot, and i really don't care if you stick around.

    however, you seem to be fond of the very same camera in my possession and your work isn't complete crap ...so i'd love it if you could get the chip off your shoulder and help me be a better photographer.
  12. That will be fixed as I mentioned above. I will admit it could have been done a little differently. Had you waited another day there would have been no need for your comments. You could have sent me a PM with the suggestion and I would have let you know that. Those members that don't want to look at informal family images have their own forum to display their work. We really are trying to accomodate all skill levels.
  13. If it sounds like I have a chip on my shoulder, I apologize. If it sounds like I'm frustrated, I am.

    See that number under my picture? The 4,400+ posts I've made here? Those aren't me just going "Excellent", "Well done", "Outstanding" or complaining about the way things are done around here, a LOT of those are from me sharing what I know about photography. That number represents my investment in the Nikon Cafe and gives me the right to an opinion and to voice that opinion here.

    I love helping people, ask Gordon - he'll vouch for that.

    The problem is that there are so many people here who have no idea what they are doing NOT posting photos looking for help or to create an educational dialog, they're posting them to show their kids off or something - beyond that the reason escapes me. These people have created a blizzard of clutter so dense that I can't take the time to look for people who have talent so I can help them, and if I did the thread would be off the front page into obscurity in a day or so.

    Yea, I don't get around here as often as I once did and I'm not going to lie and say it's because of the way things have become. I have other interests now but I do try to get over here a few times a week. Maybe now I'll actually look forward to my visits instead of wondering why I'm bothering.

    To me photography is about art. It's about being creative, expressing yourself, sharing the world the way you see it and I've always tried to drive those points home in my critiques. I'm passionate about it so you'll just have to excuse my ranting. Diplomacy has never been one of my strengths.

    It looks like the forums are now the way Gordon described them and that's equal exposure and that was the main point in my complaint, let's just hope the Moderators keep moving threads to their appropriate forum or all of this will be for naught.

    I've said all I have to say on this matter so I'm unsubscribing from this thread. If anyone wants to continue this you're going to have to PM me.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2008
  14. Good, and if I was rude to you, I apologize. I think of myself as being passionate but in reality I'm just a hothead. :redface:
  15. Thank you! This has been waited by many, as Woody mentioned.
  16. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Woody has a point and I welcome this split. I will post on both sides :wink: I'm also hoping that people that will post in the formal section can take criticism and give critique on a different level (more in depth).

  17. Yeah, but you are "our" hothead!!!!!! :biggrin::biggrin: I'd have used a different word, perhaps--like sage! :cool: 
  18. You deserve kudos for orchestrating a diplomatic solution to an emotionally charged issue, Gordon. You were slapped around a little in the process, but you didn't let that distract you from tailoring a fine compromise. Compliments!
  19. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    This is long overdue and I am very pleased to see this dividing of the People forum in to two distinct sections.

    I think it's great that some folks simply want to use DSLR cameras to take snapshots of their kids etc (Lord knows I've done a lot of that).....and I applaud those who do so for striving to make their family photo albums as good as they can be, but I agree with others that the People section had become a "blizzard" of snapshots that made it very difficult to locate the higher quality, more artistic work.

    When a lot of thought and planning is put in to a shoot and then hours are spent editing the photo's to make them the best they can be, it's tough to see them get bumped to page two in a few hours due to so many snapshot posts....frequently multiple/seperate posts by a single forum member.......not speaking of anyone in particular.....just in general.

    I think this split will really help keep this section alive with great work and more active in terms of meaningful C&C for people who are trying to become better photographers. I *know* it means I'll be around more often.

    Well done and thank you!
  20. Good move folks, much appreciated. I often post snapshots of the people around me and I understand more serious shooters will enjoy a dedicated section for them.
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