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Another 85/1.4 thread...

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Philippe Roger, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. ... but this time, it's the Manual Focus kind: AI-S 85/1.4, acquired here, from RForshey, a little while back. As long as the subject is not jumping around too much, it's a dream lens!

    These (yes, they are cat images! :eek: ) were taken at ISO 200 and f/2 with a faint northern window light and a lamp in the background, which is blown up a bit in that first image... Still, the delicate out-of-focus rendition complements so well the sharpness of the lens.

    Here is K.C., a.k.a. Kitty Cat! She's such a sweetie... :wink::smile:

  2. I too have this lens, only I haven't had a lot of opportunity (or taken the opportunity) to use it. Love that second shot. I'm looking for more opportunities to use it. I also have the Katz Eye screen to help.
  3. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    saweeet .....;-))
  4. Oh noesssssssssssss!!!

    Another 85mm!!!!! Where's my 85mm????
  5. Love the 2nd one Phillipe, wonderful bokeh an excellent focus.
  6. tasnim_fahim


    Oct 2, 2006
    wow. beautiful.

  7. Thank you guys. I agree that the second image is the best one, it is my favorite too...

    I have to say, that I really like the following one, taken at f/2.8, the same day, in relatively low light (but still good for ISO 200), in the shade.

    You just gotta love the 85/1.4! :wink:

  8. Excellent shots Philippe, the 85 / 1.4 at its best indeed!
    I came very close to getting the Ai-S before finally getting the AF-D version. A fabulous lens, although not ideal for my usual subjects.
  9. Beautiful snaps, Philippe! I kept telling you that you needed an 85/1.4, and hope I had something to do with you spending all that money :370:.

    Here's my latest 85/1.4 kitty... taken at f/1.4. It's was a quick grab, and, yes, the whites are a little blown.

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  10. Thanks Frits: you do know the feel and the magic associated with these MF lenses! That plus the big glass eye of the 85/1.4, and this is really some special lens! I love it. :Love:

    Frank, you bet! With all the talking/raving, the occasional fondling (of your lens, of course! :eek: :wink:)  and of course your pictures, including the one of Belle by the coffee shop, you did convince me, over time, as did a few other folks here, such as Gordon or Randy!

    I figured the MF lens would tie me over until Nikon revamps the AF version to AF-S/VR...
  11. JohnMueller

    JohnMueller Guest

    Love it. Gives me more reason to save up for this bad boy. This is really great.
  12. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

    Let's keep our fingers crossed for that one :wink:
  13. Bearmont


    Feb 28, 2006
    Bellevue, WA
    Dog>Cat :smile:
  14. It's great lens, Philippe. I love it and was going to keep it for my collection. I used it only once before RForshey took it. Enjoy the lens.

    Taken at f/2 using D50.
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  15. Thanks John. As many others have shown here, the 85/1.4 is a great lens. The Manual Focus version is a bit cheaper (and probably a lot more challenging to use wide open!) :wink:

    Hi Ed, welcome to the Cafe! You're right, the D70 VF is way too small to use with this lens. Even with the D2H VF, equipped with a Katzeye and an eyepiece magnifier, I find it tough! I also have the AIS 105/2.5, which is another gem and those are very affordable now. These 2 combined cost less than any one of the two you mentioned... :wink:

    Eventually, it'll happen. The question is how long are you willing to wait, before you succumb to the temptation?... :rolleyes: :smile:

    Yes, but in terms of dominance ranking in the house: Cat>Dog, and it's a good thing: it keeps the peace! :smile:

    Ah! I see, another fine lens coming from you, Vinh. It is in really great condition, and I am loving it! :biggrin:
  16. I would like to upgrade to a D200 only to get this lens, I found a 85 1.4 AI-S in mint condition and extreme cheap, but how to use it in my old D50... the viewfinder was too small, now on a D80 things gonna be better!! Awesome lens!!
  17. Excellent pics from everybody.
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