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Another "Can't believe I did it..." post

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by racefan, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I love my digital Nikon SLR stuff and I really have a passion to continue to learn and grow with it (and will), but...

    I've been enjoying using mf lenses more and more on my D3 lately, and have also continued to shoot film occasionally with an F100 for the last year or so. I mention that as background, because it helped push me to finally decide to indulge my aging self in a camera that I've drooled over for decades.

    I just today received a gently used Leica M6 (Wetzlar) with a Zeiss Planar 50/2.

    I guess I'll end up selling my Nikkor 200/2VR to pay for these and the other pieces I'm sure I'll want to add, but I'm so excited and pleased with what showed up today that I just had to do one of these posts. (I know how I feel about this kind of post - I'm not looking for responses - just wanted to get this off my chest.)

    I've admired the photos here and enjoyed the discussions of the different "feels" of film and rangefinder photographic approaches I've seen in this sub-forum and look forward to participating more as I try to learn a new approach to my favorite hobby.
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  2. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Ron: Way to go. Iv always wanted to have Leica rangefinder with some fast glass. I would suggest holding off selling your Nikkor 200 F2 VR. Over the years Iv sold some Nikkor's and even though I managed to rebuy most back, I still regret letting them go. That being said follow your heart and best of luck with building your rangefinder system.

  3. califlefty


    Apr 7, 2006
    You are about to enter camera heaven. There is no going back.
  4. Oh boy, I'd love to have a Leica...but I wouldn't finance it with the 200 f2. I shoot much more film now than I do digital (my Chamonix 4x5 came yesterday:biggrin:) , but I would get rid of a lot of lenses before that one...and good lenses at that. At the moment I can't take a shower in my MB until I pull down about 12 rolls of film hanging from the door and I send half my paycheck to Freestyle every month and need a bigger freezer, but I wouldn't get rid of my 200 f2. Of course YMMV, but that is one heck of a piece of glass.
  5. Ciao Ron
    Did you have a special passion for Leica or could you choose the Zeiss Ikon too, as new and much less expensive than Wetzlar / Solms cameras?
    Good luck, though. I know where you're passing through and the funniest thing is that you always get back after the digital experience.. it's my "grandmother's pullover" theory that never dies despite the hypertech jacket you have in your closet and that you change every two or three years... It's not only a matter of sheer performance (pixels or whatever) it's just that film has still a different and pleasant look to everyone of us!

    Digital is OF COURSE necessary as it could be a car or whatever we daily use, but as also work isn't "ALL" our life, so film tickles our real creative side.

    While I'm writing this, I've just uploaded some shots for work that must be seen in a plant in Germany (this is why digital is necessary) but if I just could I'd be out with my F6 and a roll of Velvia !
  6. Thanks for the good wishes folks. I've been shooting with it this weekend and pretty much feel like a total klutz :eek:  - but I intend to use it alot to get over that feeling quickly.

    I certainly considered the Voigtlander and Zeiss options and know they're very good cameras and have cost and auto exposure advantages over the M6. In fact, if I really get into the "rangefinder thing" it would be likely that I'd own one of those at some point. But I guess your phrase "special passion" applies - the Leica was an aspirational thing for me for decades. By the time I reached a point where I could buy one without feeling too guilty of excess, digital had caught my attention. If I had started with a Bessa or an Ikon, I would continue to wonder how the Leica would be different and if it would be better.
  7. klutz ? what's that? Failure?
  8. Clumsy or uncoordinated person.
  9. Davo


    May 3, 2005
    Las Vegas
    i got my FED 5b in the mail this past week...so i'm with you on the rangefinder n00b thing. :p 

    i'd have gone leica, or zeiss, or voigtlander...but i'm broke...and don't have a 200/2 to finance it (actually...if i sold everything...i'd just be able to purchase a nice leica kit...but then i wouldn't really be able to make money at this either...and i don't think my upcoming november wedding couple would appreciate that) :p 

    but for $25 including shipping, i can play around. having fun so far...but its definitely different from the SLR experience. and in low-res scans (obviously meaningless) the lens seems scary sharp...its an almost exact copy of a zeiss or leica, if i recall correctly.

    i too am again taken aback by how different film and digital feel. i stopped using film about 3 years ago...as soon as photo school stopped requiring i use film. but i was curious about rangefinders...with all the talk of MX and Otoji and all that mumbo-jumbo in the rumors world lately. i'm wondering if FF digital comes close...of if film really is as unique as it seems to a person in DX world.

    have fun with it! :D 
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