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Another comparison between 50 1.4 and 85 1.4

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Terri French, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. My grandson was sitting on a small chair watching a movie. I had the luxury of switching lenses to try to get similar shots with each. I'm sure you can guess which shot came from which lens.

    This is not a scientific comparison or anything. Just something to help me learn.

    Both shot at f1.4

    The first two are only the raw conversion--no special post processing added. I gave them both the same WB and tried to duplicate all the other steps.

    The second two are my final versions.

    In my mind--the "cream machine" has a little something extra special about it. But both are very nice.

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    View attachment 226469

    The final versions

    View attachment 226470

    View attachment 226471
  2. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    these are excellent ..both of them ...you're getting awesome results with these lenses...;-)
  3. interesting

    there isn't enough there to sway me to one particular picture, i guess that makes the 50 1.4 a poor mans 85, both pictures are stunning to my eyes, of course Terri's work is always stunning.
  4. Based on the background perspective, it seems obvious that the 1st = 85, the 2nd = 50.

    Strangely, the WB doesn't seem to be the same: I see some greenish hue in the 2nd, as if the Tint slider was moved a bit to the left in the RAW converter. Maybe a slight change of lighting between the 2 shots?

    However, the bottom line: to my eyes, no lens has got the edge in this 2-shot example, if we talk about the subject rendition. Both did the equally terrific job in capturing the kid.
    The biggest difference here is the background, which is a bit more distracting in the 2nd shot, but this is a direct consequence of the different field of view. If you want subject isolation, the 85 obviously wins.

    If, however, you want to give your subject some more relation to its surrounding, the 50 seems to be more than a capable tool.
  5. I'm having fun trying to learn all I can while I have them. I know I will purcase a 1.4 lens. The question is which one it will be right now.
  6. I was so sold on getting the 85 until I played with the 50 yesterday. It was certainly a better focal length for chasing the grandkids around with indoors.
  7. I was surprised by the WB too. They were both different right out of the camera. In NX2 I changed them both to Cloudy, which seemed to be the closest thing to the way they were out of the camera.

    I agree about the 85 being the tool for the subject isolation. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the 50 is. It seemed to work better for chasing the grandkids around indoors, which is my main purpose for purchasing a new lens.
  8. If that is the case, then your choice must be the 50, especially on DX.

    And, as I already commented, the pure IQ seems to be comparable enough that you shouldn't be concerned about the capabilities of the 50.

    For me, even 50mm can often be too long indoors, so if you've got indoors + kid chasing combination, I wouldn't even consider anything longer than that for such a purpose.
  9. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    keep shooting ...you'll figure it out which works best for u right now...however, u gotta have both sooner or later ...;-)))
  10. I know. It sure is great that I have the chance to experiment before I make my plans.:biggrin:

    Someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) is an incredibly generous and kind person to let me use his lenses.
  11. Terri, I am enjoying these threads while you play around with these great lenses! I own both of them, but could not really advise you to purchase one over the other.

    I find my 85mm just too long for indoor portraits on my DX bodies. I'm amazed at how frequently I reach for my 50mm when I'm inside and trying to take some low light shots of my kids.

    The next fly in the ointment will be the addition of an FX camera. I suspect the 85mm will be the lens of choice and then the 50mm will go back in the drawer.
  12. I am sure that in time I will have them both. I really enjoyed trying the 50 indoors yesterday. But I can see that both are so great I may not ever want to go back to my 17-55 (which I dearly love).:biggrin: I won't be getting an FX camera in the near term, so no worry for me yet. I guess on FX the 50 will become more like the 35 which everyone seems to love so much.
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