Another look at Nikon P&S...Advice Requested

hi all,

Tho' I'm a Nikon SLR guy, I've tended to select Canon P&S due to their faster startup time and lower shutter lag, and outstanding images. Bought my youngest daughter a PowerShot A540 and her older sister PowerShot SD630 this past Christmas.

I'm about to buy one for my wife who is not a heavy camera user, she basically fits the P&S model target buyer very well.

One of her primary requirements would be image stabilization. I've been looking at some Canon PowerShots - A570IS or SD750IS (for smaller form factor).

I'm willing to look at the new crop of P&S cameras that Nikon just released, i.e. the Coolpix L12.

My budget would be $200-$350....Any suggestions welcome.

both the coolpix l12 is good and the powershot a 540 from canon (better manualcontrols than the nikon) but the nikon has VR and the caonon has that not ..

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